A thanks-giving letter to my sister.

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This is a letter to my sister who have done everything for us. Its content is showing how important and lucky we are of having her.

It is true that we can not see the important of 1 person if we judge them at first. We must know them deeper than we think.

If i would be given a chance to live in to the future, still i will search you just to be my sister AGAIN.

Thank you my Big Sister

No words can describe how lucky we are that God has given you to us.
You stood as parents to us. When we were a child, we also fought each other. Fight over a simple toy, and even for a dress and a food. With that, I have always thought why you became my sister. We were too different, the way we think, the way behaves. I am always angry with you for the reason that you always got angry with me for the simple things that I really do not understand.
As years go by, still we are sister and nothing can deny that fact that we have the same blood running to our veins.
Time came that you have to leave us and went to other place to finish you study. Days went on, months passed. I am missing you, I am missing our fights, and I am missing my big sister. I realized how important you to me. No one is fighting me over simple things (which I thought it was only simple). Nobody saying to me “don’t do that, you need to do this because this is what is right this is what’s good for you”.
3 years after, we lived again together. Still there are some fights and arguments but now, it is different, I understand little by little, my sympathy is with you. We easily compromised. Trials come to our family; many trials came to us that test our faith. We are both alone with our family, they are in the province and we are in the city. We fought everything with the help of each other and a big faith with HIM.
You always guided me, you became my parents, and you showed me the right way. You have supported the schooling of our two sisters, you told me to continue my study also, we can do it with trust in our self that we can. I listen to you, I believe in you. Years passed, we stand again, but chances always give its way for the problems.
Now that we are old enough to face everything, I cannot remember if I said THANK YOU for what you have done to us, to me and to our family. I would not become who I am without a help from you. Our younger sisters would not finish their schooling without you. Now that we are here where we stand, I cannot explain how lucky and honored I am that YOU became my sister. I salute you; we salute you for everything. If I would have the chance to reincarnate, still I would find and search for you and would choose you to be my big sister again.

Saying thank you would not be the best word I can say to express how grateful we are of having you as part of our family. But still I am taking this chance to say that word to you.


Thank You, Thanksgiving

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author avatar Songbird B
12th Apr 2011 (#)

This is a wonderful open letter to a sister you truly adore...A wonderful write, Aby...

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author avatar Atif muslim
1st Feb 2012 (#)

i love this letter wllah ^_^ ( latifullah orphan ) facebook

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author avatar ABRAHAM
9th Oct 2012 (#)

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author avatar Dawood
22nd Nov 2012 (#)

happy thanx giving for all my friends

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author avatar Pozim chakma
12th Jun 2013 (#)


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