A trip to Ramnagar

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A trip to Ramnagar

Ramnagar is a village 45 kilo meters away from Bangalore. This place is surrounded by hills all over. Though the name is “Ramnagar”, majority of the people here are Muslims.

There are many passenger trains and KSRTC buses that ply to Ramnagar from Bangalore. On the way you can spot many beautiful lakes and steep hills. In Ramnagar, good restaurants can be found only on the Ramnagar Main road. And hardly 2 or 3 bars which are locate in the outskirts.

There are 2 main attractions in this village

1. Janapada loka- This place Portraits the folk style of living. You can see cottage houses, usage of age old equipments like bullock carts, hand grinders and many more. Several handicrafts are also displayed. It is also a very peaceful location.
2. Ramdevara Betta-Main attraction in this village. It is also an amazing trekking spot. The best part is that the all time Bollwood blockbuster “Sholay” was shot here.

There are 4 hills linked together along with the Ramdevara betta. People usually prefer the main hill because the other ones are too risky to climb. We risked ourselves climbing the neighboring hill but could not succeed reaching the peak. There were no supports to hold upon. So we entered the Ram devara betta. It has around 400 steps. The path is full of greenery and looks very freaky.

On the way towards the peak you come across many shepherds busy looking after their goats. We made our way 70 % through the hill and found a temple. Luckily there was a water tap and we could quench our thirst. We began to climb again after the refreshment. They have paved a path towards the outer edge of the hill. All you can see there is the beauty of nature. We struggled a lot and made out way 90% through. We saw the way to the peak and were thrilled. It is a path which is almost 80 degrees inclined. Good thing was that they had carved staircases and we had railings as support.

We finally made it to the peak. Which ever side we turned we could find only hills. I whistled with excitement and it took 3 seconds to echo. We sat at the edge and felt the harsh wind. The grasses were all leaning back. Every 15 minutes we could se a train passing by the track. It looked like a tiny object. At a distance of 10 kilo meters ahead of us, it was raining. We literally saw the scene of water emerging out of the clouds and falling on the ground. After 10 minutes the rain stopped and clouds cleared out. It was a mystique view and we were speechless admiring it.

It began drizzling and we unfortunately had to leave the place. The whole trekking experience was simply superb. Next time anyone wants to come to Bangalore and are looking for a trekking spot I strongly recommend this place.


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