A very special lady

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Bargains. Who can stay away from bargains? Probably many people. But there are always those who will buy anything that is advertised at a discounted price.

A very special lady

I spot a poster in Checkers today for a new PQ Clothing store that has opened up on the second floor. Well Checkers never used to have a second floor but after some building improvements over the past months, it now does.

The posters of "Opening Bargains" and special opening prices and so on and on, lure me into it.

I look around, actually for a Letterman jacket type thing. Letterman jacket styled tops seem to be in fashion in most all the clothing stores nowadays.

Well I don't find any Letterman jacket type clothing and go do my shopping as usual.

At the till I find a woman with a trolly full of things in front of me.

There are red "REDUCED" stickers on just about everything in her trolley, indicating that it's the stuff on special offer.

However, she's not going to buy all that.

"Take all you want", she tells me, "I'm not going to take all this."

I look a bit confused. Why load your trolley with stuff if you're not going to take it? She packs only some of the things onto the counter. About half of everything remains.

I wonder if she's one of those people who, when spotting a bargain or a special offer, HAVE TO put it into their trolley. Did she take more than she can afford?

She's explaining to me as she goes along, that she doesn't have money for it all; that's why she's leaving it. One of the reasons is that PQ Clothing upstairs that have opened. She's been in there and the stuff there is so good, and inexpensive too!

This also makes me believe she's a bargain hunter.

Only problem she has though is that her son won't wear stuff like that. He only wears brand names. She did get him to accept something else once though when she bought one brand name t-shirt and another non-brand name, and he might have mistaken the non-brand name one to be brand name too.

We both agree that his attitude should change once he has to start buying his own stuff. Mine did.

Nice lady, but I did pick up that perhaps she doesn't speak that politely to the checkout clerk. Maybe it's a race thing. Some people don't speak professionally and polished to black people. Don't know why. I talk to them as I would talk to anyone.

Another thing I also notice is that people might automatically speak English to black people. Why is that? It's so much more warm and friendly when I speak Afrikaans to them and they speak Afrikaans to me and we bond better.

Anyway, another store staffer came to take away her trolley, still half full of stuff. I did take two peppers and one cucumber from it.

I guess in the end the practical thing is still that if you don't want to spend money, don't buy the specials; don't buy anything to begin with.

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