A visit from the serpent at Christmas time

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The family are on Tower Hills for the festive time. The children seem to enjoy it on Tower Hills, as the different family members' children can now play with each other.

"Snake!" shouts one of them, running to the adults to come and have a look.

A visit from the serpent at Christmas time

It's just a millipede. Children and their silly games.

Father is cooking on the front porch, where Marzeus and his two brothers are sitting around the big black pot Father is cooking their lunch in, whilst their sister is getting the table ready in the background. Mother comes to join them, drinking a glass of wine.

There they come again, those silly children. "Snake!" they shout. It's Angie, followed by Stingley Junior. They're both between two and three years old. Angie can't stop talking about it. Everybody must come look at the snake in the living room.

Well, obviously somebody should go have a look at this "snake" in the living room, or Angie won't calm down until they do. Father stirs the pot with the large wooden spoon a few more times, and then he gets up to go look at this "snake". Marzeus feels like a walk anyway so he goes too, and Mother follows them.

Angie and Stingley Junior lead them to their "snake" on the living room carpet. Oh dear. No joke. THERE'S A SNAKE ON THE LIVING ROOM CARPET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They weren't kidding. A small puff adder is staring them in the face. Mother is right on cue histerical, trying to keep the children away but the children don't want to be kept away; they wanna see.

Knabbit came in from the porch, and Father tries to get him to hunt down the snake. But Knabbit seems stupid, or maybe he doesn't expect a snake in there, because he thinks Father wants to play or something. He almost walks right over the snake, but turns around just in time wagging his tail over the snake. Much help Knabbit is today!

They get Knabbit out of the way. Father has the large wooden stirring spoon still in his hands, and he starts beating. The snake gets a little quick at this.

Finally the panic is over and the snake is beaten unconscious. Father throws the snake in the dustbin. Everybody returns to the porch, followed by Father who sits down and puts the large wooden stirring spoon right back into the pot he's cooking and starts stirring.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!! Everybody think he's nuts for using the same stirring spoon he just beat the snake to death with. But according to him, he just washed it shiny clean. Sigh, only Father.

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