A way to defeat writer´s block

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There can be many ways to defeat writer´s block and this is certainly and excellent one to write a page on a given moment.

A way to defeat writer´s block

This is a good way to defeat writer´s block. It´s this time when one wishes to write something, but one doesn´t know what. One would like to write a column or a poem, but one doesn´t get an interesting idea to write about, or, it´s at least, what one thinks.
Take your dictionary and open it at random. Close your eyes and move your finger on the page. Then, stop. Open your eyes and see what word your single finger is pointing at.
No tricks. Whether you like this word or not, you´ve chosen it and you´ll have to write about this this word for at least 10 / 15 minutes. Some words are, of course, easier than others, but it´s challenging to see what one can write, using a single word.
My finger pointed at the word ease
The minute i saw the word I wondered what I could write with it.
Ease? What does it make me feel at ease or does it not?
- Having a meal with a friend and not knowing what to talk about, because for me eating is a way of interaction as well as being fed.
- I feel at ease if I can end a job without problems or rush. Rush isn´t for me and I always think that by rushing we´ll achieve less.
- Music. What would the world be without it? When feeling sad, stressed out or in a mood, switch on the radio to hear any type of music.
We are at ease, if we´re doing something that it´s easy for us.
What about that? I hope it makes sense with my word chosen at random.
You can do the same if feeling a bit blocked. By the time you end your 10 / 15 minutes, you´ll have written a good amount of words.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
25th Jul 2014 (#)

I just know what it is in heart and create it.... There is no block as everything around is an inspiration....
Am a Writer, proud of it....

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