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Many continually ask whether I write Christian fiction or biblical truth that can be verified by scriptures. This is to help answer that question.


If you've known since you were a child there was more to God's word than you have been taught, this story will surely open your eyes to deeper truths.

The Universe of God: The Chronicles of The Angels is the first of three planned books to take the reader from the beginnings to the end, from the Great Creation to the real Antichrist - through the millennium to the third and final Universe of God - the eternity. The Chronicles of the Angels unravels the tragic story of the civilization called Heaven and its societal upheavals billions of years before the dawn of man, and continues. If you know the beginnings, functional understanding of the Word of God will develop almost without effort. It'll be as easy as drinking water.

This extraordinary epic is the greatest story ever told; it will either make you rejoice, prick your conscience, or offend you deeply. The truth does that and I make no apology. There is obviously poetic license in any fictional story, but the precepts and events are based on biblical, apocryphal, and historical truths the religious establishment suppressed for thousands of years: the history, motivations, rationale, and the emotions of God.

My goal is to present God's story in a compelling venue, full of interesting characters so anyone can understand this Word and experience the emotions of our Creator. My wish is to drive you deeper into God's word and present the truth of the antiquity of mankind, and the nature of all creation.

The religious and secular systems in tandem have suppressed the simplicity of God's Word. The truths of God and antiquity are intentionally muddied making it almost impossible to ask intelligent questions and get intelligent answers. There is infinitely more to God's Word than getting to Heaven, practicing church traditions, having blind faith, being baptized, and loving Jesus.

Think for yourself. Sharp and discerning minds have always been the enemy – blind religious conformity and consensus is the mandatory dogma trumpeted by the new Pharisees – nothing has ever changed.

You will finally learn why you were born, and you're more than you have ever thought, older than the galaxies, and more precious individually than all the living things of the earth combined. And more importantly, there is a powerful someone out there that loves you endlessly.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Feb 2012 (#)

Yes I agree with what you write for I too know I was Being billions of years ago..thank you Twe

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author avatar Teila
25th Feb 2012 (#)

Following your articles, keep up the good work

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author avatar Twe Stephens
26th Feb 2012 (#)

Thank you - comments like that make a struggling author's day. God bless....

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