A young wild Buck is pressing his luck, with "The Old Bull" of the pen, and he is close to getting the horns.

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The Old Bull of the pen, just doesn't play as well with others, as he once did even though he has become gray and old he still lets them know, before they, have to Go!

Welcome to Our Bar

Sister Sue, she knows what to do
And She Can get the late night crowd of
Slush Puppies out!

She is the Commander and Chief
The Captain of this here ship; that you, are sailing on
If she says its time to go; please be on your way


She will come after you; with an empty in hand and
Then you’re going to get it man
She is a lovable lady; although, she is a little crazy

So get a grip on it son, make sure you tip or
She’ll get you drunk as a skunk
You’ll end up giving it to her; the hard way

See; not, only does she tend this here bar

She swings the Gavel come Monday
She jokes around a lot and most guys, think she is really hot
But, she is the mother, of this here child, that we all love

So you best behave in here or I’ll put you out
Because, I am the big old bouncer man, that you’ve heard tale about
Yea, you can get loud and a little wild

Old time regulars
Well maybe they can even get a little
Obscene and crazy

Just try to remember son
To keep it clean, it’s a family bar after all
What’s that you say?

Yea, I’m a little plump and Gray
And I know it has thrown quite a few, but
Don’t let that get you thrown

You see me standing here still,
Don’t you you son?
I’ve only lost one fight in here

And that’s only because the fifth one had a gun
So pay attention son; see that old man over thare
In that old rocking chair

He still wears his gun minus his star
So please kid don’t mess around
In this hare bar

A thought by Sinbad the Sailor Man


Bar, Come Monday, Crazy, Drunk, Gavel, Gun, Obscene, Old Time Regulars, Rocking Chair, Skunk

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