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Post surgery. Repairing the damage to me from my last beating.
Ok now time has passed and my boys had been with their father for 2 years. Myspace was my only way of contact. My son (16) at the time sent a message. It said please help us.
What the hell could I do to help. My oldest daughter had been in Iraq now for almost 2 years. She arranges a flight for my son to come to Maui.. This cause many issue for anyone I knew. Anyone that would help me would be harassed and threaten. us against them.

Reunification of sorts.

Hugs, tears,and stories of the abuse flowed from him like blood gushing from a wound.
I am not sure if it was anger,hate or fear that fueled my mind but I was ready to fight.
The father called... Avoiding his calls it was time to prepare to fight.
The children's father was now in a different relationship.
He was now living in a relationship with his brothers ex-wife.
She would be a woman that to this very day is a nightmare.
She was a registered nurse and had a good source of finances that ruled the home.

Bullying to the extent beyond normal

She called my phone repeatedly. This in effect was a violation of the restraining order.
That did not matter to them. They had no regards for the legal system.
She taunted me using different pay phones .. Eventually we had to move. Over the course of almost a year we moved 4 times. I had to protect him.
We could not rely on the police their father was related to half of the police force and the other half were too afraid of him. Child Protective Services was a joke.
We found friends in the isolated community , Keanae near Wailua who would provide us a home all we needed to do in exchange was to work of the taro patches.

Running on adrenaline

Eventually we spent most of our time after working down near the waters edge. Soon there would be Helicopters searching the areas we were at. It was ironic how fate would have our boss transporting us to our patches . As the convoy of federal and state troopers and such were driving in the winding one road in one road out.
We were able not knowing they were coming to never be in the house when they arrived.
We spent a lot of time constantly hiding and being afraid when we would see lights coming down the winding road.
The house we lived in afforded us an advantage.
We used it to our benefit.... constantly.

The torrential rains for a week

we were grateful for the rain it gave us free time as working the taro was not easy in the rain so we had time off. constantly raining the children were restless and we decided to take some time and go venture to the other swimming areas we seen. I donned my hair with powdered coffee to change the color. I had shaved my children's hair and my daughter was young so she appeared to look like a boy.
We were off to the highway.. Plastic bag on my head so the coffee would not start running.We made it to the highway. We hitched a ride and ended up in Pai'ia.
The water was so pretty and clear blue, the trees afforded us with some sense of security from the main road.And they played.


Abuse, Children, Fear No More, Fear Of The Unknown, Fearful Life, Survival

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The love for my children drives me to leave a legacy of hope and faith, a desire to attain the highest goals and never limit their chances to learn and grow.

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author avatar Adventurous
29th Jul 2012 (#)

Tks for ur comment..I too appreciate ur writting..!!

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author avatar Souvik
4th Aug 2012 (#)

Excellent writing. Keep it up.
Souvik Chatterji

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