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The interview for talk radio show with Mr. Brett Scudder

My Mission, My Hope, and My Voice

First, I want to thank God for carrying me through all the past pain and life struggles. Without you and your love nothing is possible. I am also here to break the silence and do my part to prevent child abuse. I was restored by faith and I have a voice now that speaks for all those innocent children. The one's whose lives have been lost and the one's that still remain under the shadows of child sexual abuse.I found my voice and I will never be silenced again. I enjoy my mission and I hope that I can make a difference in a child's life or in a survivor's world with my testimony.

I am an advocate, survivor, author and founder of Incest Survivors United Voices of America. The organization is based on awareness and educating the community about the hidden epidemic of incest, child sexual abuse and child abuse. We are in constant search of finding the solutions to improve our laws and prevent child abuse by partnering with community leaders and other advocates to form a greater and stronger impact in children's lives.

I am also a survivor of incest, child abuse and a domestic violence. I was sexually abused at the age of nine until I was about fourteen by my father and also by my grandmother. Incest has been very deep rooted in my family. Incest can be a non-violent crime or violent crime that it goes on from one generation to another if the cycle is not stopped. A child can be submitted into silence with threats and only fears. Although My experience was very different because I did suffer much physical abuse and torture and it escalated for many years until I ran away and came forth with my secret. There was many painful years of violence that only brought death to my soul .I say death to my soul because child sexual abuse is death to a child's soul. I remember as a child I would pray to God every day because I wanted him to take me away but I realized that I was the only one that could get away from this crime. I finally planned out my escape and gathered myself with much courage and decided to take a chance and runaway. I am one the lucky children who has made it through this crime. Many children don't get away and die at the hands of these abusers. My father was arrested and sentenced to ten years but my nightmare did not stop. CPS placed me in different foster homes were I was severely beaten and emotionally abused. They left me at the mercy of other perpetrators that continuously molested and abused me. When a child is faced over and over with these traumas. They have a physiological tendency to believe that everything is their fault and perhaps they even deserve the crime. It shapes children into believing that abuse is normal and in accepting more abuse throughout their lives. My case is a perfect example to this. I surrendered myself to everything just to feel someone's love. I allowed men to continuously batter and exposed me to more violence. I was enslaved for many years to unhealthy and abusive relationships and exposed myself to dangerous situations which brought more pain into my life. I walked this journey alone made several mistakes and some of those mistakes where my choices but my past did influenced my life on a very deep level.

The lack of support from my family, not getting the required counseling and not enough resources available to me at the time was key point for my self destructive behaviors. Only when I sought for help I was able to heal and learn how to cope, understand and accept my trauma. Today I am a new woman or perhaps the woman I was always meant to be before my abuse. Today I am healed from the past but I know the journey continues. Survivors need to constantly be empowered and come into a physiological agreement
that everything endured in our past is not our fault. It was not our fault and it will never be our fault because we were not in control of the past but we are in control of our lives now.

I choose to share in depth all me, my struggles and my pain in desires to help survivors heal and know that they are not alone. The worst feeling in the world is to feel unsupported or alone during this journey. Thankfully we have a bigger platform like many social media groups and many resources available to us now. Also there are so many people who are breaking the silence and supporting one another. The support of others survivors really makes a huge difference and it helps survivors cope in a healthier way.. Never feel alone because you are not alone.

My organization was created to give hope and empower survivors and battle against this terrible and devastating crime. I need to emphasize that when a child’s physical boundaries are violated, his or her mind is also violated. This is called the wounding of the mind and soul. Child abuse and child sexual abuse changes the course of children's life because it completely affected my life on many levels.

(The statistic are very far form showing the reality that we are facing now. There are many unreported crimes. I believe the unreported crimes are greater than the reported ones.)

It is crucial that our society understands that child sexual abuse is mostly perpetrated by people that we know and are very close to us. Like family members, close friends, and trusted people of our society. We have to teach our children about their bodies, boundaries, and sexuality. We have to teach them to trust their instincts when they feel uncomfortable and suspect that something is wrong. Educating children is the only way to arm and protect them against child sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse completely tore away my my life.. I was left confused and totally lost in this world. I didn't know how I was going to survive or even make it through such trauma.That's when sexual addictions, drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and several suicides attempts came into my life as a mean to escape the nightmare I lived as a child.

Another issue that can traumatize children on greater levels is the disbelief and lack of support of family.. It is very important for children to be believed, supported and guided properly into healing.I was not believed and I was not guided correctly by my family. Even though all evidence was supported and a conviction of ten years was given to my father. I was never believed and I struggled terribly with the denial of my family throughout my life. With this crime I lost everything that a child deserves, love, a family, security, protection and my innocence.

Many past generations of incest usually chose to cover up or deny the existence of child sexual abuse in their families. This code of silence results in devastating consequences and a trauma that is prolonged for years.The silence of these families and victims only creates an environment for more abuse because these perpetrators are left free to abuse more children.

The community needs to understand that this is a major problem that effects society. The consequences impact every citizen. A broken childhood is a broken adult because many survivors don't regain their lives back. I recently did a research in the department of mental health and my findings were that 85 percent of patients that attend therapy were sexually abused as children.

How can we change these estimates? How can we truly make an impact if the government doesn't accept laws that are meant to protect children? How can we make a difference if people choose to ignore petitions such as Jessica's Law? Only when we unite as one we will see a difference. This is not about us anymore.... this is about children and preserving their innocence and their childhood.

I'm asking the community to be active advocates during this war against child sexual abuse. Don't ignore the staggering truth that we are living in.

Please, let's work together.


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Currently I'm the founder of I.S.U.V.O.A. We are advocates who work to empower victims of child sexual abuse and incest by writing and utilizing empowerment through creative writing..

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