Abrupt end to my karate career

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Well, by now I know this whole karate class cycle. We get there, get dressed in the dressing room, then go out into the hall, then we have to wait about 15 minutes while Frank the sensei, or sometimes some old ballie, whom I'm guessing is his father or family of sorts, finish up the admin and the receipt of lesson monies from pupils etc. This part is pretty boring and probably not worth the money.

Abrupt end to my karate career

So, tonight, I don't rush into the class. In fact, after leaving from work at around 5pm, I park the car near the building and then get comfortable and rest in the car until 6pm when the classes start.

Then I get out and go get changed in the dressing room. By the time I join the class, it's about 6:15 and they should have just about finished their admin now and be ready to start the class.

I walk in, ready to fall in with the rest of the folks who have just started doing some warm up exercises or something.

But suddenly the class is stopped by some lil' prick who's probably around my age, if even. He starts chastising someone. I wonder who.

Then within a few moments I realize he's talking to me. What's his problem?

He's yacketingyacketing about me "being late".

What the devil is going on here anyway? Where's the sensei?

Well, turns out tonight the sensei didn't even show up. He appointed this little prick who's one of his students, to lead the class.

The sensei-substitute demands I come do twenty push-ups in front of the class.

Really, is this happening? I have trouble taking this serious.

Firstly, I know as well as everybody that the only thing I "missed" being "late" is their admin session, which I had nothing to contribute to.

Secondly, where the hell is that fat sensei Frank, who supposedly has Springbok karate colors or whatever? I really came to have classes from him and learn from him, but lately he's only gotten fatter and fatter and more and more out of shape, and he's been having more and more substitutes teach for him. This is NOT what I signed up for.

Thirdly, I'm the paying customer, so THEY must keep ME happy!! I certainly am not paying so they can punish me or chastise me or play their little power trip. They should be pleasing ME and making sure I get my money's worth of lessons from a true karate master. Not some prick kid who's barely my age.

I stand there and think how to handle this situation, when the prick again orders me to come and be punished with push-ups in front of the class.

Suddenly it dawns on me that there are other places I'd much rather be than here. I should go there where I would be happy. So whilst in this thought, I start walking towards the door.

"There!", says the old ballie, pointing to the front of the class, thinking I was walking to go take my punishment. Oh right, I should probably tell them I no longer parttake in their silly class.

"I'm done here.", I say as I keep walking towards the door and towards the changing room. The class is all silent for some moments. Probably they didn't expect my reaction and don't know what to do. That prick must have thought I was actually going to listen to him.

I take my bag with work clothes and then go outside to the car and drive home.

Well, that was the end of my karate career. It had its ups and downs. Interesting moments yes. But, before it becomes a bore, I'd rather leave it behind me forever.


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