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Acceptance, does it come from within yourself or from others?

Acceptance by others

Acceptance by others begins with acceptance of yourself. The first time you realize that someone is rejecting you is a shocking experience...It is the first time that you realize just how unloving this world can be. There are manipulators and users/parasites in the world. These are the people who sort and characterize others. They are doing this for their own purposes. It is disgusting...

Reality is what it is and one of the steps in this existence is addressing this. Step one; identifying "bad" people or people who are not like you. I find it interesting that parasites do not surround themselves with other parasites. This entire subject makes me nauseous. Why? Because I have run across so many people just like this.

They are group parasites that seek to prey on simple or vulnerable people. Most folks who join cults do not trust their own discernment and need someone to tell them who/what is good or bad. I am getting a headache just thinking about it. So many weak people I have heard begging a parasite for protection or some other help and the parasite speaking to them in a low, pseudo-calm voice knowing that they have this "mark' all wrapped up. Disgusting.

That particular friend who always needs a favor, always has an opinion about who you are dating or who you like yet there is no reciprocity. For instance, this friend is never there for you and hates your opinion but expects you to be there for them in any way they choose and will behave in a hostile manner if you dare ignore them or tell them no.

Fake Family
This is the one that really hurts the most...these are your "blood" who see you as nothing more than a pawn in their life. They push you to make relationships that benefit them at your detriment. They can see that they are hurting you and they do not care at all. Beware this one...take away the family aspect and really evaluate the relationship. If it is toxic, then a decision must be made quickly.

Whatever your views are
Are you accepted?

Where ever you arrive in life
Are you expected?

Can you do what you want to do
And still be accepted?

Will you demand your way?
Is this expected?

When you can handle life
Is this expected?

When you have a great day
Are you accepted?

No matter what in life you see
No matter what you try to be
No matter what you call belief
Are you accepted?

Is your heart of hearts rejected or accepted?

Okay, so life on Earth is difficult so what? Just make the best decision that you can and move on. If you make a mistake apologize and redirect yourself and keep it moving.


Accept, Acceptance, Accepted, Reject, Rejected, Rejection

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I am a native of Texas who has lived in California and Iraq. Currently living in Seattle, WA, USA and author of three books; Hell in Houston, Sunbeams and Carnal.

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