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Has your Access been granted? Through Jesus Christ that is.

Free Writing..

Your vase is pouring water from a hole caused from fracturing. Now realizing that there is a hole, you think quickly “I NEED to save what is in this vase in order for it to stay alive.” Of course your first solution is pour it in a next vase. But in the process of pouring, you’ve come to realize that the 2nd vase also has a hole. A solution has to come quick before everything in either vase is gone. Napkin wont save it, Aluminum wont save it, but instantly you realize whatever is going to save this water in a quickness,would have to be something superior and everlasting to save the water and vase..forever.

This is how many of our lives are. We like to seek quick protection in people (the other vase) and use them for our needs, when they have needs as well . Who says you do not attend to their needs but as long as our needs are taken care of, everything is cool. selfish eh?

I’v recently wrote a facebook status about relationships that just isn’t real. People get into relationships and by the 1st week they are in love. They are blind withe media showing that relationships are the greatest solution to happiness when in reality the world knows NOTHING about love. Yet your in love? That is impossible,because when push comes to shove, are you willing to die for them after one week?? Would you lose your breath after one week of a relationship so that the one you love may live? I know you wouldn’t cause I don’t think I would. And I am a witness to this. Many relationships that I got myself into I fooled the brother and he fooled me. At times we were double fooled because we actually believed each other lol. Truly isn’t funny but hey. But just like that vase, I’m in the state that i realize another vase can hold my water. I’m in the state where I know I need a superior and everlasting Holder that can stop the water from passing through the whole forever. I’ve come to realize that Holder is Jesus,the True Savior. Only God knows the exact meaning to love because He is love (1 John 4).

And now it time that others come to a realization that love does not take place in selfishness. Relationships are best when serving each other not seeking solutions from each other for your life. Stop seeking strength in a relationship. Ever meant someone who is always petty and sad when alone, but when they are with “the love of their lives” they are strong, and happy. Who said you couldn’t be happy alone?? Why bring burden to an innocent girl/boy. I’ve once heard a speaker say he/she is not made to complete you but to complement you.

Your probably thinking, well your single so you wouldn’t understand. lol little do you know about me, because I choose (not being cocky but it is the truth lol) to be single because I realized that I placed my needs in relationshipS rather than giving it to the best Provider ever to live. The purpose of this blog is for to ask where are you placing your needs? Are you throwing it at your friends, your man/girl, your family, in clothes?? When all that is gone, is that when you will realize that the only superior and everlasting Holder is Jesus Himself?

It’s time to open our eyes. Do not step into a relationship with someone who asks so much from you that makes you wonder. Once you realize your questioning the relationship, then maybe you should think about the relationship before it too late.

..oh yeah, and stop falling in love with everyone you’ve been with lol get a grip, maybe you were happy that they fulfilled your needs.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”-Proverbs 4:23 .. Your heart isn’t trash stop just throwing it around because the healing process is NO joke.

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26th Jun 2018 (#)

I like that. He/she is not made to complete you but to complement you. I think everyone should go through a period of being single and getting closer to God before making themselves available for a significant other. Because when fractures start causing holes in your vase, there is only one Superior thing that can save your water and vase. A lot of times we rely on people with brains and big degrees and experience rather than God Himself. Like me, for example, I always get impatient and want an answer right away on my time. We all do need to guard our heart because no one can touch it (literally) but can try to find ways to get to it. A lot of people have ulterior motives or hidden agendas.

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