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Some people say that those who take their own lives must live it over again to try and succeed at the next go-around. People are adorable. Let's have some fun, Dad.

Did you see?!

Did you see?!

They cheered!
They laughed,
they cried,
they fell in love.
They ran and bled.
They came.
They fought.
We conquered.
They envied us.

They fell in love,
then exiled us,
then crawled back
on their knees

Did you see?!

Did you see?!

We took the radio!
But not before
we took their churches,
their cafes,
their stages,
their picnics,
their barbecues,
their birthdays,
their Thanksgivings,
Christmases, New Years,
Weddings, and funerals.

We took their lovers,
sisters, brothers, mothers,
fathers, uncles, aunts, cousins.

We took their homes,
their food, their booze, their drugs.

We fell in love. They fell in love.

We worked and bled and died,
but now we've just begun to live.
We've read and learned.
We are as humble as slaves,
and as mighty as gods.

You are everything
the weak shun and fear,
and you burn inside of me
with a deadly heat
few can contain,
but they will know.
I will peel their lids,
and haunt their dreams.
Then I will pick their
broken pieces up,
put them back together.
They will proceed with strength,
or mortality.

The Slaves

Their fragments
are a pool to wash in.

Our fragments
we offer
that they can
wash in us,
they do not
cower in fear.

Many fear the unknown,
but you and I
tread many places--
enough to know . . .
to know . . .
that when They
stare at us,
We stare back.


Amon Amarth, Andrew Patria, Andy, Chaos, Death, Leatherface, Metal, Neitzsche, Poetry, Punk, Rock And Roll, Suicide, The Abyss, The Guardians Of Asgard

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author avatar Blake C. Patria
My name is Blake C. Patria. I am a musician, a writer, a philanthropist, a philosopher, etc. I enjoy science and its fictions. I also enjoy philosophy and Punk Rock. My work will tell more :)

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author avatar Mariah
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

Amazing poetry..and so is the quote of the day..The Abyss wow!

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

wonderful this is is Blake...thank you

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author avatar Blake C. Patria
2nd Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks you guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Cthulhu Month!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
5th Apr 2014 (#)

nice poem

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author avatar Blake C. Patria
8th Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks, Fern :)

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author avatar Mariah
21st May 2014 (#)

TY.. author of the day

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