Accurate Perception (I Yearn To Learn)

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It's important, it's important, it's important that a vessel has an accurate perception. And the world as well. I'm hungry for understanding and thirsty for righteousness. That's all I can see for myself at this point in life. Utterly enthralled by the goodness and the Light.

Accurate Perception (I Yearn To Learn)

I never was the truth that satan tried to claim
I disdain, like brightness, aligning the highest waves
With the slightest praise
I'm writing, finding, the wise abide in kindness...
Only substance that'll usually make it...
Cue the clouds, from the other side, above it, view the ground, and can't see, but you know it's there
Like the room of YHWH, air that's tangible
The mountains can't be, see, while rigidity is not a factor, when it comes to spirit things
Except the rules that built the pattern, now, it's vaguely...
Mirror words be tapping at my fortress
Pebbles dropping
Falling, all an auction, peer at essence like volcanic stones, metamorphosing, appearing different
As bedazzled, for a plant that's sown, for chances gone, entrapment, I could hear it but it'd pass the soul
I grasp the Throne though, I pictured...
Action, satisfaction, that reaction, lasting up until souls delivered, lowly, hindered
Holy entered in, the Holy Holies, secret sacred, peace amazing, that is not the purpose though
Goalie! Goalie!
Showed me, wholly, things embraced in certain codes, earth is known
Though, beholding, the debate, adding up, and that's without a sound, my passion, up to date
God has sent me visions
Faces, that had break somebody's heart, corrosive, so I feel I've traded places
But, we never met, the severed  net though, still entangle me, I need the Savior's, settings, strolls, parallel dimensions
Carousels, my business, pace around my life, to fill the standard well, after hell, intrinsic, battles, fighters
Gas light, the lighters, add fire on the matches, gnashes, laughs are non-existent, nothing missing
I can stand at wells, of mine
And write my feelings, who don't like it, I forbid, the welcome eyes, telling lies
I'm controlling my creations, I can do my will, the famous, jealous, watching, and the waiting, strong
But human still...
Don't have an accurate perception, steady twisting stuff, ain't get enough, already, letting satan sabotage the eyes
Reminding what do not recall, all the evidence
It ain't nothing to it, physically  uneducated, YHWH taught me good
Because I stood for stuff, originally, demons fought, and would've prospered
If it had not been for interventions...
Different types of cow patties, flying, and sent to hit to me, but I recognize, I'm sick
Because I'm getting spirit riches, this, is more fulfilling to me, healing, newly, built, beauty, decoys were set
But I keep flowing, not expecting to impress, to express, any tree growing, understanding what it be
I'm not at perfect phase, me knowing, the birth of Weh', came into the earth, as a seed, set to burn the chains
To learn the ways I want, no confusion, O, that was a low, a nuse, because of strong delusion
Evil set out to frame me, not humiliated, like they hope'll x out embracing
I say the worse, because it's what it is, ain't making this up, so I can't have a happy home
Passion grows out of pain and, made to change, I think my elements, just settled in
It's larger, farther, ain't a part of what you think, unless God imparted, and hot regardless
Marked to concentrate, a bunch of plates, which one it takes?
Pendulum clocks, ain't nothing strange
Just honest things...
My heart is YHWH's
If they could see me now, they might be surprised, and not the surface, talking deep, in, down
The spiritual
It's hard to grasp, for me, the shards I had, would far surpass the mark I tasked for
Because the Lord has favored His people, from Greek, to Jew, His truth, for Gentiles
His basis is equal, I wish I knew, contention drew, convention
Eeek, the villian brew a lot, the only thing I do is try to prove my eyes are glued
To God...
No one knows of my struggle, that's why assume, defy, accuse, like I'm aligned to doom
To try depriving mine of truth, that I'm reproved, see, what does it matter?
Why I'm included in this kind of look
Knowing good and well that Christ had crushed the matter after many mighty displays
And I ain't even know how deep it go, til' self identication, bridled things with yokes...
Naytheless, as if I didn't need answers still, I don't exercise no fear or folly, leave me alone
See, I don't set aside a tier for hate, believe me, it's gone, for Jesus exorcised
The different stage, no reason to fold...
I look towards the hills
For cure and probably revelations, telling statements, that had, shown the same
To see what's going on, 'cause why my grind is so significant, to beings who oppose?
The least expected, things connected, what the heck, Jesus precious
So I learn of what I need to, while out the scene, expounding, seen as just a little reckless
But the fecklessness abounding teems...
Out for me, don't need to second
Never hush, for who? I never had  a problem with nobody
'Til they touched the muse, misjudged the fruit, but, still, it's not a "problem"
Though there's something new, I want to do the Father's will, that's sacrificing
Stuff that's "you"... (me)
I'm a prophet so I do abhor the malice stuff, the truth absorbes the redicule, reproof can form
And that's a plus...
But I'll be empty if I choose to board the path of lust
Power will devour, what's important is what's after us...
'Cause how could I enjoy a life of sin, designed to end? To raffle off my soul
For pleasure, die, and never rise again...
When, with these broken wings, I hoped
To one day ride the wind, and ain't a way I could if my good was only Light as sin...
I seek an accurate perception
Stuff the Word predicted, everything I see, that happens, first
Was in the perfect Scriptures...
So no surprises, even though, sometimes, the verses different
Learn and make mistakes
Apologizing if I hurt the Spirit...
Turn, there's worse dimension, with lots of diamonds, and boxes, cages, souls that be provoked
But, if trying to open, get dropped in flames then...
Ample time "awoke", but ain't got the focus, or options, angry, died before the knowing
Frozen eyes, the smoke and  begotten, blazing, shatter cries of hope...
Jesus hears it, with tears, but there's a portion, I be just a vessel, don't heed appearance, my chair subordinate
Not too much is extra, I stress, I do, but, God's concerns, no matter what He shows us
I notice, there's still a lot to learn...
So when the pot is stirred, the bell is chimed for Light to come, it ain't 'bout what others do
To judge your moves is not absurd
'Cause ain't a need to try to run, when time is dull, and smite the sun, the light is blood
That's from the moon, the sky is spun, and rolling like a scroll...
Spirit battles, different matters, consider inner, fight is on, right or gone
Light is Throned, I yearn to learn some more about

But, only God can teach us that


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