Achieve Writing Success with Short Term and Long Term Goals

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Achieve writing success with short term and long term goals.

Achieve writing success with short term and long term goals.

For the writer, there is no greater success than the creative process being used in a way that provides an outlet of knowledge, emotion, experience, or a combination of these things. However, there are also other things that a writer may want to achieve which can spell out success, as well. Typically, there are three primary areas in which a writer may want to be successful in. These are name recognition, monetary earnings, and/or subject expertise. In order to achieve any of these things, the writer will need to have both short term and long term goals.

Subject expertise is a goal for many writers, especially those who have a passionate interest in something. This can be any topic from relationships to building projects, depending on the individual writer’s preference. The short term goals to attain subject expertise are things such as deciding on a topic of interest and studying the topic through both reading and experiencing it. The long term goals may be to write a book on the subject or to get published in a periodical that deals with the subject matter.
There are also writers who want to make money doing what they love to do. For these writers, there can be many different goals, some of which will be able to be accomplished rather quickly and others which will take a longer period of time. Most of these goals will be expressed in numeric values. For instance, a short term goal might be to make enough money to go on a vacation or purchase an item that is not necessary, but is desired by the writer. A long term goal is often to be able to “quit the day job” and make a full time income by writing.

Name recognition is a lofty goal that very few writers will attain, but it’s not impossible. There are writers who achieve this goal in both the fiction and non-fiction categories. It will take hard work, true talent, and the ability to have and achieve goals. In the short term, a writer may want to be recognized in his or her community. This might be done by writing newspaper articles for the local publication or by doing creative writing projects that will be seen by the community. In the long term, though, the writer will want to expand the geographic boundaries that he or she is known in.
For a writer to attain success in any or all of these three most common achievement areas, he or she is going to need to be dedicated to the task at hand. Having goals, both short and long term, is one of the most important ways that achievements are made. If you are a writer who is trying to succeed, think of your goals and write them down. This will help you to stay on the path towards success and accomplishment.

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Good sound advice. Thank you for sharing.:)

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