Adam Chapter Thirty – Two

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Two of Adam's brothers, Simon and Peter, get married and together with their brides decide on a double wedding ceremony. Adam and Mona return to Little Valley for the Wedding.

A Double Wedding In Litttle Valley

Eli and Mary Murphy had raised six boys in the small community of Little Valley and all but the youngest, Adam, continued to live there. Indeed, Shamus, Peter and Simon still lived at home with their parents although this was about to change. It was in late April of 1952 that Simon announced that he and his girlfriend Sadie Morris were going to wed in August of that year and would be living with her parents until they built a place of their own. Two weeks later Peter informed his parents that he too would be getting married that summer. Mavis Peters, whom he’d been dating for nearly three years, already had a house that had been willed to her by her maternal grandparents. Not surprisingly, the four agreed on a double wedding, hopefully on August 22, should the parish priest be free on that date.
Adam received the news in a letter from his mother on May 1 and both he and Mona made plans to be in Little Valley for the occasion. He remembered his mother mentioning that Shamus had not dated since he and Millie Oldford had broken up more than a year ago, and she had left to work on the American base in Argentia. It looked like Shamus would be the only son living at home after August. Eli still went fishing sometimes, but this year found him spending more and more time ashore. Mary now received a pension of twenty-five dollars per month, in addition to the forty dollars received by her husband and both felt more financially secure than at any other time in their lives.

Mona And Adam At Little Valley.

The spring and summer flew by quickly and Mona and Adam found themselves back in Little Valley on August 18, just four days before the double wedding ceremony. The couple were looked upon as celebrities in the little community, Mona being a nurse in St. John’s and Adam, well no one seemed able to fathom the amount of education that the young man had, and him still going to school! Neither spoke of their plans to come back to the coast except to their parents who were bubbling over with excitement, but nevertheless promised to keep it a secret.
The new priest, Father Francis O’Leary was a young man who had been born and raised in St. John’s and seemed to have a problem getting his sea legs. Adam met him on the morning of the wedding when he and Shamus went in Eli’s boat to Petersview, to fetch the youthful cleric. Adam, who knew nothing of seasickness, nevertheless felt sorry for the young man, whom he guessed to be about twenty-five, as he watched his color change from a robust red to white and all shades in between. The priest appeared quite happy when they arrived in Little Valley, though unsteady when he first stepped upon the wharf. Adam took his bags and as they walked up to his place of residence, the priest apologized for being such wretched company and expressed the hope that they might be able to talk again at a more opportune time. It was clear to Adam that the young priest found the time long in such isolation, and that he wanted nothing more than the company of someone of his own age with whom he could relax and be himself.

The Square Dance

Smoothly and soon everyone had gathered at the little school, first for supper and then for the square dance that followed. Father O’Leary was master of ceremonies, something that was expected of all priests at the time, and he soon had everyone chucking at his stories. The priest was clearly in his element on such occasions yet Adam detected something in his manner that spoke of a loneliness that few would have noticed. Soon the supper was over, the chairs and tables moved aside and everyone awaited the fiddler, who strangely enough, played a button accordion!
Father O’Leary stayed to watch the dance though he could not be persuaded to take part. The square dance that he had witnessed for the first time just a few weeks earlier was completely foreign to him having been raised in the city. Adam and Mona enjoyed the dance and the camaraderie that went with it, though Adam refused the ’homebrew’ that most of the young men seemed to need to boost their confidence before venturing onto the dance floor.
In between ‘sets’, they met and chatted with friends, some of whom, they hadn’t seen in years. Though a few people, including the priest, elected to leave at midnight, Adam and Mona remained as long as the fiddler agreed to play. Consequently, it was nearly 5 AM when they and the other last stranglers, could be seen making their way home in the early dawn. Adam walked Mona to her parent’s house but refused to go inside as it was easily seen that they both needed rest.

Good Times With Family And Friends

It was noon when Adam awoke and lay for a few minutes listening to the sounds outside his window, so different from that which he’d become familiar with in the city. He could hear the seagulls around the wharves as they dived for the fish guts tossed into the water by fishermen as they went about cleaning their daily catch and the children laughing as they played in the August sunshine. Finally though he stepped out of bed and dressed slowly, knowing that his first stop would be the outhouse and then a pan of water to watch up before eating. Already he missed his morning shower and wondered how Mona was doing.
When he went downstairs, his mother was busy making his favorite breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. He smiled thinking that although it still had its shortcomings; things sure had changed in the tiny outport where the idea of such a breakfast would have been unheard of just a few years earlier. When he’d sat down to eat a few minutes later, his mother suggested that he invite Mona over for supper that evening, as with all the fuss of the weddings, there had been no time for a get together earlier.
As usual Mary had prepared a feast fit for a king and later Adam and Mona accepted an invitation from friends to drop by for a game of cards.
Two days later, they waved good-bye from the deck of the Baccalieu, which had replaced the S.S. Home that had been retired from service just four months earlier. The new boat meant that the trip back to St. John’s would take less time though the cost was considerably more. The couple stood together on the deck until the last house had vanished from sight, than having agreed to meet later, left for their separate rooms below.
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30th Apr 2015 (#)

Another fantastic chapter by a talented author!

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Thank you Jessica, but you are embarrassing me. Blessings

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2nd May 2015 (#)

You have painted the details in such a way Kingwell that I feel I was present right there. I can resonate with Adam's thoughts; excited to come home but eager to get back to his studies too - siva

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3rd May 2015 (#)

Thank You Siva. Blessings.

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What a great story

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Thank you brendamarie. Blessings.

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