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Adding quotes to your graduation speech helps listeners to relate to the dialogue. Many often do not pay attention to these kind of speeches, but quotes will help it to stand out.

Graduation Speeches - Quotes to Add

I thought it would be fun to write some quotes that one could mention during a high school graduation commencement speech. It seems as if it were just yesterday when our valedictorian had made his, a very wordy one, that even parents would have needed to pull out a dictionary if they had thought to bring one.

"Remember where you came from, what you want to stand for, and keep that ever present watch on where you are headed!"

Remembering where you came from is a great idea. This will hopefully keep you humble no matter how much greatness you achieve in your lifetime. Setting and being an example role model will be a good teacher to those who look up to you, even when you don't notice. The last part of this quote is stating that you should be aware of the "big picture" that encompasses your life, and hopefully you will not lose your way in accomplishing your goals that you set for yourself.

"Be all you can be!" – The United States Army

"Be prepared." - Boy Scouts of America

These are two quotes that anyone should be able to relate to. Pushing yourself to the limit to see what you are truly capable of will reveal to you the person you really are down deep inside. Do not ever give up on yourself. You do have a right to live and express yourself to those around you.

Being prepared for anything will build a sense of pride in you. This will also build character. Live by these two quotes, and you may grow into a person whom you never knew you could become.

Take a look at Danny Devito’s life. He made his way into acting from shining shoes on the sidewalks of New York. I remember him telling this to Johnny Carson in an interview many years ago on the Tonight Show.

"Love yourself."

Almost every teacher or parent who ever taught something to a youngster probably has said this. I think this is probably the most used quote in the entire world. This is probably the best advice anyone can get as a common quote at a high school graduation.

"Set goals for yourself. Map them out in as much detail to determine how realistic they can become."

Again, here is some great advice from a quote that can be worded in many ways. Setting goals may not be easy if one is inherently lazy. Having someone to be accountable to will help in keeping those goals in sight. Be careful not to set unattainable goals as this is a way to let yourself down all too easily.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1

Wow! What a concept! And this is from the Holy Bible. What a quote to drive home at a high school graduation. Faith in yourself to reach your goals whether it be through college or not is an accomplishment. Having faith in yourself and your dreams will make you strong.

"Jesus said unto him, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth."" - Mark 9:23

This is yet another great quote one could add to their graduation commencement speech. Of course, I don't think a belief that a person could become a cartoon character is any more plausible than a cloud turning into cotton candy. Discerning well between reality and fantasy will keep you in check.

Hopefully this will stir those gears in your mind as you decide upon a quote, if any, to use in your commencement speech at your high school graduation. There are many to choose from, and easily found on the internet. Good luck, and "May the wings of hope and faith carry you far on your lifelong journey."


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17th Oct 2011 (#)

A delightful article...gosh how many millions of years has it been since my graduation? :-)

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