Admiral Captain Frank Herman Grifford Files (Entry 1) - They Damn And Dumb Down Humanity!

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In this maiden writ Captain Frank Herman Grifford hits the ground running, so to speak, and eloquently writes about humanity down in the dumps, its spiritual growth stunted by religion by wicked design from the very beginning. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

"We are here to inform you you must prepare to leave this planet before it goes Nova[. You will be faced with five mile high tidal waves, and if you do not get your house in order, and I will tell you along with so many others what you again need to do to accomplish this itinerary for yourselves and your kin, you will again meet with a similar fate as that which happened to many cultures who in past ages had seen themselves go under, leaving nothing but a swampland above, and oceanic tidal waves rushed over them as well." - Admiral Captain Frank Herman Grifford

March 9, 2014 3:00 pm

2:33 pm

“Admiral Grifford is coming in the bay, Captain Uthrania, Sir. Would you like to hold for him?” - Sergeant Timothy Hank Barclay

Uthrania: Thank you, Sergeant. I will remain on standby for the Admiral.

Sergeant Barclay: “Indeed, Sir. If that will be all…?”

Uthrania: “Please see to your duties, Sir.” (I offer Sergeant Barclay a smile – Rania)

(Admiral Frank Herman Grifford, Captain of a medium-sized starship over the Philippines is training 2nd Class Airman Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez (Captain in training) long distance, cut short by communication channels. The Admiral walks from the docking bay onto the ship. A staunch man, the Captain is graying, espousing a large beard but still walks with a determined stride and purposeful duty. The Admiral, Captain Frank Herman Grifford depends upon his notes to keep his full itinerary in order. Wearing a gray-belted uniform with taupe pants and white standup-collared shirt, the aging Admiral is one of the top brass in the Federated Military.

Medium brown three-quarter length boots with a red and whitish yellow short cuff at the top, with brass buttons orchestrating down the entire length of his tunic top completes the ensemble, not forgetting the black patent brim of the Admiral’s hat and the always present Captain’s stripes with colours. Highly decorated for many acts of valour, Jamie has one of the very finest gentlemen at his service.

Admiral, Captain Frank Herman Grifford makes an 86 degree turn and seats himself precariously on the front of his bench chair. The Captain motions that he would like to speak with me.
– Rania)

Captain Frank Grifford: “Well, Captain, how are you both doing this evening with Reni assisting in the wings?”

Uthrania: Greetings, Admiral Grifford. It is some time since we last spoke, and I am looking forward to working with you in dictatorial capability. Sir, we are both fine, as is Reni. Busy with many off-line projects at the moment.

Captain Frank Grifford: “Well, it is indeed a pleasure to be working with such a seasoned scribe. We have several more of your status throughout Angorius, but none so qualified a female in the overall project of our ken.”

Uthrania: This project is enormous in its entirety, and I agree it takes many of us working in each of our capacities to see the project to its final hour. Sir, it is five minutes to three. Is that when you would still like to begin?

Captain Frank Grifford: “Wait ‘till I adjust my time clock toward the hour, for it is somewhat at a variance over here.”

The Potion That Poisons

3:00 pm

Uthrania: Ready, Sir, when you are.

Captain Frank Grifford: “There it is, lass, three o’clock, so we must get on quickly with our itinerary. (The Admiral clears his throat. - Rania) The topic which I would most like to light upon is one with Mercury causing a typhoid of Meningitis throughout the eastern board world coming distinctly out of Maryland and the Hemoglobin Project.

“Not too nasty a topic overall, one would think, but gainatorily these so-called infections are deliberately orchestrated through the serum of cows-stream which is a mercury-based urine flow. These BSE cows have long been giving a mercury-based product called the Floso with a long O in both instances, and the reason this was being done to them was to damage the brain stem of the organs of the fetuses even before they were born.

“And how is this done? Precisely through the oxidization of the mother’s own breast milk as she contains as a camel the desire to enrich her own upcoming supply.

The Distortion Of The Truth And The Language

“In any case, this is just one of the many topics selected by me today, for I will now move on with other more, almost, impending cases of sour-brain malfunction.

Do you ever notice that your races upon Angorius, this earthen planet of yourn, are all being dumbed down? Look at your education systems for a moment of your time, and your billboards, and your advertisements. You will notice that there are two borders, or lines of contact. In the first place you will see ‘advertising’ which for the most part are brilliant and orchestrated pieces of fine art.

“But in the ordinary city where the not-so-rich play and live there are another type of billboard, and those billboards spell Cats as Katz. Take a pencil and jot down, if you will, and when you have time, all the ‘new’ spellings found around town, and you may be well amazed at just what you find they have done to your languages.

Mutilation! Take boarding houses for the elite to send their children to the finest schools on this earth. Now, the schools are definitely not the finest in the galaxy because they abhor teaching the truth of all universal studies. So these fine people are also being severely dumbed down as well. But not so dumbed down as with the regular curriculum of the ordinary public school where A’s are given to high school students by teachers who themselves cannot even write a proper sentence.

The Evil That Men Do!

“We find that between the medicines and the dummying-down process in every life category upon your particular earth, the militaries and your banking systems, you people are all in pretty bad shape. And HAARP doesn’t really help either.

“So then, what are we doing up here to help you? Plenty! We cauterize much of your HAARP weather control and leave it at abeyance far more than you think or could possibly realize, otherwise you would not be here. In fact most of you would not have survived the clashes of weather systems unto the Gregorian year of two-thousand and eight.

The Evacuation Looms On The Horizon!

We are here to inform you you must prepare to leave this planet before it goes Nova. You will be faced with five mile high tidal waves, and if you do not get your house in order, and I will tell you along with so many others what you again need to do to accomplish this itinerary for yourselves and your kin, you will again meet with a similar fate as that which happened to many cultures who in past ages had seen themselves go under, leaving nothing but a swampland above, and oceanic tidal waves rushed over them as well.

“And exactly once again, what must you do to prepare your families and yourselves, personally for your next evacuation?

1. “Put aside all fear of our ships and our command because you have been brainwashed by your movie houses and video screens leading you into a rather unnatural hysteria when it comes to your own loving relatives from other worlds. Goodness gracious, on X-Files we cannot even recognize ourselves. We would be rather terrified to go near a spaceship if we believed even half of that nonsense you are being consistently fed.

2. “You may only ‘pack’ a few necessary items. Pictures, yes, phones are not necessary where you are going, and just a few items of clothing. We will provide the rest upon our ships. In fact, all your clothing you wear will be disintegrated for hygiene purposes and new clothing will be awarded you.

3. “When the time comes for the general evacuation we can guarantee you that you will hear us throughout the galaxy, or world, where you live. We will be monitoring every light wave system, and in our own Standard will we be seen by all those without technical devices upon a holographic view screen up in the skies, so no one will be able to accuse us of not coming at our own appointed time.

“Please do not waste our time by skirting around the issue of Meningitis. Jamie, will you please attach Captain Ashtar’s commentary on ‘Evacuation’ within this file. Thank you, son, and ‘my Captain.’ And please place it in Bold. (Captain Frank Herman Griffith offers Captain-in-training, Jamie, a long look with a smile. – Rania)

The Thirst For Oil Is Unquenchable

“So now that I have completed these few items I think it is time to move onto the next and final itinerary, and that is complimentary to the overall effect of how Syria, Russia, Hungary even, and the United States and its counterpart Israel have decided to proceed along such nuclear lines.

“Now, we all know that Syria was to be taken down for her water rights or power over the northern Middle Eastern nations. Are we not correct? And then a so-called ‘defense’ base pointed toward Russia would have been also installed. Correct again? Right. But that was not going to happen based on the good judgment it seems of both Russia, Hungary, and China. Boy, that oil tastes good, so Saudi Arabia joins too.

The Ukraine Upheavals: US Vs Russia

Now the Ukraine is in a bit of a filadop or upheaval, is it not, because President Putin realizes that the coup is being perpetrated by the CIA boys and the Israel Mossad. Getting interesting? So complete news blackout shows those culprits at the helm again in one good light while showing Russia as ostriching all the way back down to Poland’s Northern quarter, and of course that ‘defense shield’ by the CIA was a brier in the hands of the penguin all along.

“So, well, that is it for today, boys and girls upon your quickly dissolving planet of minds, brawn, and brain, orchestrated by the highest intellect but the meanest you will have ever in your incarnations witnessed!

Free Will Thwarted By Religion

“So keep safe, and take care, and do not let the RELIGIONS KEEP YOU ANY THE LONGER OUT OF PARADISE, BOYS AND GIRLS! Captain Admiral Frank Herman Grifford, Second in Command of the Paradise Aloft Ship. Tie off for me, Jamie, my young Captain, and we will see you around again one day. Listen for me, and I will feed you the coordinates. They will be new.”

Jamie: Aye, Sir, and thank you! Signing you off at coordinate Thomasite 1.0 and Babel 5.3. Signing out 3:41 pm, Tie-off scribed by Private 2nd Class Airman, Captain in training, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez of the Federated Union of Starships Class Number 472 Proxy 8.

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: Commander Ashtar: How to Successfully Prepare For Evacuation From This Earth Planet (Part 3)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
10th Mar 2014 (#)

Fluoride in the water has been linked to dumbing down people for years. Also they released information showing that kids from larger families tend to be less intelligent than kids from small families but nobody is encouraging people to have smaller families, they want people to keep breeding so they produce more dumb people

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
10th Mar 2014 (#)

Thank you once again, Mark, for the moderation and much appreciated 'Star.'

Thank you, also, for your comment.

Be careful of such statistics which make little sense.

The number of children in a family does not indicate whether intelligence exists or not.

What most often happens to the people is directly related to those families large or small who reside in countries where food rations and medicine are at their limit due to the process of eventual elimination of the races by those who have enslaved the world populace and play them like puppets on a string.

Poverty breeds unrest and desparation breeds war for survival.

It is not because the people are less intelligent than other people, but when a body has no food, that mind cannot think rationally, and because of lack of protein and nutrients in the brain, the workings of the rest of the body go completely awry.

Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and Reni Sentana-Ries

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
10th Mar 2014 (#)

wow...what a powerful piece this is! I totally agree with the 'numbing and dumbing' of people worldwide through BST and GMO foods started I believe by the big industrial food companies in the USA..what terrible karma they are attaching to themselves!
By the bye I died in one of the tidal waves that hit Atlantis so know what you are saying...blessings and thanks for all your information...

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
10th Mar 2014 (#)

Caroline, you are most correct when you say that a great part of the dumbing down of the populaces of the world are by corporations, and this of course, at the hand of the few.

For some, the karma consequences are so severe, that such people will have extreme difficulties in recovering from the consequences of that karma.

And for the most severe cases there will be no recovery of that karma allowed.

These cases, however, tend to lend themselves to those who destroy entire DNA of civilizations or races by their callous and wicked endeavors of dropping chemical weapons upon defenseless people, and keeping nations in a constant state of war as experimental lab rats.

You are most welcome for the information, indeed, and we trust you will continue to avail yourself of the information necessary to see to your own evacuation.

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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