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Each of us must at some point in our lives move past the stage we are in by looking at our past lives; this admission essay is my start to a graduate degree.

Webster University Graduate Essay

As we graduate High School we move towards finding an employment position that makes us glad to get up in the morning, happy to be doing what we are doing, and makes us feel good about our addition to the world and community in which we reside. I started as a grill cook and over the course of 30 years found a “calling” in substance abuse counseling, wearing many different hats during that time. As a substance abuse counselor I realized that helping others is what I desired to spend my life doing, helping them find a new way of looking at things. Returning to Columbia College, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; with the hope of an increased ability as well as an increased financial earning potential. I made the mistake in thinking that there was something more for me out there with an improvement in pay and changed employment positions; this was a valuable learning experience, teaching me about myself as well as my desired career goals. I discovered that if the employment conditions make you wish not to be at the job all the money in the world makes no difference; you are unable to be effective in helping others.
During an emotionally difficult time in my life I learned that through photography and my helping others I was able to deal with trials that I faced in a more positive manner. I gain joy in seeing others find a solution to the difficulties through self-examination, a new path to follow in life, an inspiration to change the way they see things, set a new goal and work toward accomplishment, or just find their smile once again. This has led me to develop a side business in which I combine photographs that I take and words of inspiration I write or find upon the internet together to make inspirational note cards for others to share and inspire someone in their lives. I Aspire To Inspire.
My complete career goals are somewhat still undecided as I have yet to learn all that I need to learn about counseling to make a positive determination of which direction I am choosing to travel. This final determination will be interdependent upon many events and lessons that are to come over the next two to three years. I believe that once my education is advanced and a greater understanding is gained I will be able to better decide exactly what it is that I will be doing with my career. I know that I have a lot to learn; as will I always. Learning is a never ending adventure in life; if you stop learning you truly stop living.
The development of interpersonal relationships is an extremely important factor in all facets of life; without them there is no success in any area. No individual is completely free of bias in their lives and to say that we are is to fool ourselves into thinking that we have grown as much as we are capable of. Bias does not necessarily have to be toward different cultures; it can be directed toward a style of clothing, hair, facial expression, or anything that has at some point in our past affected us in an emotionally strong way. These biases are developed during the course of our dealings with others, our experiences in watching others, and events that happen within the world that give us an opinion; often uninformed. The trick to the development of more unbiased and open relationships is to learn how to recognize these feelings when they enter our thought process and deal with them accordingly; finding a personal understanding of why. Acceptance of the facts and categorization of the information can help us work past these biases and treat others in a way in which we desire them to treat the ones we love the most in our lives.
Learning the truth about different cultures, as well as maintaining an open minded attitude towards those who are unlike ourselves can help us to help others regardless of our individualistic understandings or beliefs. As mental health professionals we must remember that we do not necessarily have to practice the beliefs of another; we must simply accept that they belief this way and for them it is correct. Acceptance is a key factor; if you can accept than you can learn and if you can learn you can accept.
I believe that happiness is what the majority of individuals seek their entire lives, I aspire to inspire others to change their view of happiness as being an external event we experience , seeing that happiness is truly an internal knowledge that can be gained and grows with exercise and practice.


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