Adria Richard - What could have happened?

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In a climate where tattoos and eyebrow piercings are nothing to be alarmed about much less profanity in public places, what's wrong with discussing "forking repos" and mentioning "dongles" in a public convention hall? Well, techies were fired because of it. A website was hacked due to it and a woman will most likely get a book deal because of it. Is this progress or just a mess?

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If I could, what would I say to the CEO of SendGrid regarding Adria Richard? Perhaps, a little something like this...

Dear Sir:

While this convention was obviously well seems very odd that Adria Richard's was the only person who "called this conduct out"...

In my mind two things are happening:

1 - This type of conduct is commonplace and is only irritating to Adria Richard's who clearly was seen and her presence made no difference.
2 - Tech women and men are very "frustrated" at conferences; at this one in particular.

Should anyone have been fired? No

The fact that two people were fired over a tweet and a pic is very telling...from the techs to the brass, there is a huge amount of unhappiness and lack of thoughtful consideration of an issue prior to final decisions being made. This is very, very bad in the tech environment. It is not the "way" things are done nor never should be.

Anytime you roll out a new program, you implement tests and run various scenarios over a much longer period of time than 7 to 14 business days. I hope this is not indicative of what is going on behind the scenes in technology.

I for one and very pro-technology and would hate for it to go the way of manufacturing in America because blacks and whites, women and men - all Americans just can't work together with the minimum level of professionalism. I am very disappointed that this situation was not handled in a better way.

Adria Richard's tweet could have been the catalyst to IMPROVE "glitches" in the technology sector and created a new era where Americans can work out their issues in an intelligent manner in real life not just on "Big Bang Theory".

Let's fix this: I propose that Adria Richard's and the gentleman who was also fired be brought back to ascertain what the root issue is to this "glitch" and help to come up with a "program" that will alleviate this issue. If any sector can fix this technology can!! It's your basic if then statement in binary code...Computer Math 101.

I believe in technology and I believe in you. You are not CEO of Sendgrid for nothing! Obviously, Adria Richard was great in her job, as was the other person. You don't throw away a laptop because it has a virus - you run scandisk; Norton Anti-Virus, etc...

Come on now...PLEASE give me a break already!!!

Sincerely and respectfully...

Well, if I could that is what I would say...meanwhile, for your enjoyment, check out the following buzz for more perspectives on Ms. Adria Richard. I smell a book deal in her future!!

Shocking Resources:
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At the end of the day, how important is a "dongle" anyway?


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