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I decided to write this as the best way to communicate my recent observations of the advertising links incorporated within articles published on Wikinut.
Read on and see how you feel about it...

What Wikinut Say..

Wikinut is an online publisher for the masses.
Anybody can write pages for Wikinut.
We will then publish these online for a worldwide audience.

As with many other websites, Wikinut earns money by selling advertising space.
For every article on our site... we show targeted adverts.

Content We Do Not Publish

Designed to generate any commercial activities, including but not limited to third party affiliate schemes or sales, without or prior written agreement from Us.


Any overt promotion of any unauthorised business or commercial enterprise, to Readers or any other Authors or Moderators without prior written permission from us

Any use of the Website for unlawful or fraudulent activities, or for any purpose that breaches any applicable laws and regulations.

So How Do I Make Money

This is the easy bit. You're the person who writes the content. You can write about anything ,within reason,then sit back, your job is done.

Our system is designed to track those pages that are generating revenue, and return the appropriate share to the relevant users.

Royalty Payments

Royalty payments are the share of the 'TOTAL ADVERTISING REVENUE' that we return to our Authors, Moderators and Referrers.

Advertising revenue is made up of commissions, revenue shares, one off payments and any other form of income generated by adverts shown on Author Material published on the Website.

Royalties, excluding any promotional bonuses or ad hoc promotional payments, are paid as follows:
Authors will receive 50% of the advertising revenue from their Pages in Royalties
Moderators will receive 5% of the advertising revenue in royalties from any Pages that they have reviewed and published, and that have not been subsequently republished by another Moderator.
Referrers will receive 5% of the advertising revenue in royalties from any Pages that have been written by Authors that are associated with the Referrer.

We will not publish content that in Our sole opinion could be described as:
Designed to generate any commercial activities, including but not limited to third party affiliate schemes or sales, without or prior written agreement from Us.

Do You Then Think This Article Should Be Published?

By BradYoung04|Wikinut>Business>Ethics
Getting The Most Out Of Your Old Car

Article Summary
If there’s one thing we Americans love more than freedom, guns and enormous hamburgers, its cars. From the Nascar nut job to the soccer mom with her gigantic SUV with six kids and a dog in the back. In the 1960’s Americans owned 61,671,390 cars, that’s around one car for every t.......

The 'we Americans' tells us that Brad Young is in fact..American

As you read through his article you come to this link

So not only is American Brad Young advertising a Car Battery supplier via a link in his article. but as an American ..he is advertising a UK business site.

Of course Wikinut is in fact a British Site is it not!
What does Brad Young achieve I wonder...
...Don't you my fellow writers

Then There's 'Phyl Campbell'....

Take Your Pick of the many 'within article' advertisement links
'Eating Out..and here's your choices folks. menus prices..the lot

The Book Publishers for 'all us budding writers'

And of Course not forgetting Phyl Campbell's published article..

Help for: We are always late because my child can't decide what to wear!!
And how do we overcome our children's dress crisis???

Thank God yer here..what would we have done.

Busy life Phyl..which means 'time is precious' and to highlight this, there's a nice image of the Aqua Indiglo Watch

Alton Towers

Online Booking For Alton Towers...anybody?
..We have the very fellow..Mike Robbers.

Published Wikinut Article...Go Play on the Pursuit of Happiness...

And to Book tickets for Alton Towers ' to play the pursuit of happiness'
Book through Mike Robbers article on Wikinut..

Do we get a good discount Mike?

So Just What Is Allowed To Be Passed By The Wikinut Moderators?

I first noticed this link advertising on the Mike Robbers Article..Playing The Pursuit of Happiness. with an online booking form for Alton Towers.

I enquired to a moderator, via a private message, if this was permitted within Wikinut Articles.
I was subsequently advised in that 'this was indeed not allowed.
I was further thanked for bringing this to the attention of the moderation team, as it had slipped through in error, and the writer would be advised of this accordingly.

Doesn't look like it does it, there has without doubt, been more articles with incorporated advertising links published since.

Meantime, we the genuine writers, continue to bring in the traffic with our contributions for very little financial gain.

I realised that I was never going to earn money on Wikinut a long time ago, but I
choose to carry on because I enjoy writing, my friendships with other writers,
and also reading articles of interest.

Seems now that we could be a convenient way to keep the site thriving, whilst the
back door advertising writers, slowly but surely slither their way in

There are more articles containing advertising links, which anyone who wishes to can
look into for themselves, if they so choose.


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22nd Aug 2013 (#)

I'm really fascinated by, any cast ...

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22nd Aug 2013 (#)

Hi Maslacak
That particular subject has since been addressed and clarified by our moderator Peter Gilbert, on his page
'Challenging of Reviews..advertising on Wikinut..
You can find it in the recent star pages section under Peter's name.
That should answer any questions you may have.
Welcome to Wikinut by the way, it's a great site to write for and I've made some really good friends since I've been here., so wish you well
Thanks Mariah

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