Aeroplane door bursts open in mid-flight!

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Taking into account the shape of an aeroplane's fuselage that is required for it to be aerodynamic, will the aeroplane still be able to fly with door openings open on the fuselage? Father found out the hard way...

Aeroplane door bursts open in mid-flight!

A lovely Friday morning. I've just started my work.

The phone rings. It's Father.

"Would you like to fly with me to Paris?", he says.

I kinda want to but it's on such short notice. I've just started my work and I'm one of those people who like to plan my day at least 12 hours in advance.

I know it will probably be most enjoyable, but I decline the invitation.

"We can go on Saturday", I tell Father.

In the end, he takes Mother along. She also didn't really want to, because she's scared of flying, but she decides to go with her husband. After all, Father is so happy now that he can fly his aircraft that he has built himself.

They have breakfast in Paris. A yummy scrummy one!

When they want to fly back, the aircraft is as hot as an oven inside from having stood in the sun for a couple of hours. Father keeps the door halfway open, closed only on the first latch, so that some fresh air can come in. He decides he'll taxi onto the runway, and then close the door all the way just before take-off.

Not long after, they're zooming through the air, on their way back to Tower Hills.

Suddenly it sounds like the world is ending. There is a deafening rumbling, and Father's spectacles fly off his face and are flying straight down to earth.

The door!!! He never did close the door all the way!

The door flaps up and down a few times. Father tries to grab it but misses every time.

And then, the door completely breaks off and flutters earthward.

The wind is something insane. The noise is so loud, neither Father nor Mother can hear anything else. Plates between the cabin and the luggage compartment rattle deafeningly.

Mother is beyond herself with fear. She can see in her mind's eye how first the door broke off, and then more things are going to break off until the plane disintegrates in the air.

Usually Mother would go completely ballistic, but Father keeps showing with his finger on his mouth that she should now behave herself; this is a critical time.

Well, personally I would not have believed that a plane can fly with big open doorways because the shape of the fuselage needs to be the shape it is, without holes in it, to be aerodynamic. Without this shape it won't fly, or so is my thinking anyway.

Fortunately, it seems the aircraft can indeed fly with a big doorhole in it.

Father and Mother land safely at Tower Hills Airport.

For the next two days, they are very rattled and Father doesn't even want to see an aeroplane before him.

However, Father knows they need to go look for the missing door before someone takes it away. Osborn and him fly with one of his other aircraft and spot it, program the location into the GPS, and later fetch it by car.

The door isn't damaged much, as with the particular design it has, it fluttered like a leaf instead of falling straight down. Surely they can just put it back onto the aircraft.

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