Africa should not pull out of the Hague

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Africa want to pull out of the international criminal court, but this is a bad idea

Africa should not pull out of the Hague

The issue of International Criminal Court and Africa has taken another new dimension with all the African head of states meeting in Addis Ababa Ethiopia passing that all he African countries should pull out of the Rome statutes. This is because the court is only targeting African countries where as there are other countries in the world with even worse of war crime
Though I conquer with them that that the court in most cases is going against African, I am against them pulling out of the court. This is because; in Africa dictatorship is the rule of the day. There are very few presidents who are willing to let go of power. In order to achieve this, they are forced to use force, kill and also to maim. This is in order for them to remain in power and that they [protect their own interest.
Countries liked Libya we saw them revolting due to Gadaffi hold to power. Countries like Uganda; Zimbabwe has been rule for years by one man. In order for him to hold on to power, he is forced to use other mean to make sure no one goes against his will. A story is told of a lecturer in Harare, Zimbabwe who just talked badly against the president and he was put in prison for 3 months.
Kenya, during the 2007 election, people killed each other and records shows that around 1,133 people died and over 650,000 displaced apart from the many destructions that occurred. This year during the March 4th election, there was no chaos because people who incited others feared been taken to the Hague for trials. This coupled with peace campaigns made sure Kenyans did not fight again.
Hague trial is ongoing for Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto but this has made Kenya safer during elections. Africa should not pull out of the ICC. They should therefore solve their cases at home and if they don’t then ICC should come in and intervene
We need ICC


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