African misery and the financial oligarchy

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Regarding on the Melilla issue, one tends to think that this migratory movement is being organized to create problems in other countries.

African misery and the financial oligarchy

As I watched this photograph, I had a feeling that it was Hitchcock´s scene in the film The Birds, but it is not. It´s the famous immigration control in Melilla in Morocco and several hundreds of blacks trying to jump over the fence.
I have to say that I felt sort of nausea when I saw this photograph, but at the same time I wondered why there´s so much publicity and fuss on such an issue.
Everyone who at some stage in its life had to emigrate somewhere else knows well what entails and that it isn´t this easy to go to another country for work and to live in it. One must have a job even before entering into the chosen country and, of course, a place to live in. Anyone who tries to reach to another country illegally is doomed to having to beg in the streets or to something worse such as getting into prostitution or drug dealings, apart from being used against the locals as very cheap labour force.
Why are these blacks heading to Melilla when either the Moroccan or the Spanish coastline are long enough and there´re othe coastline places where there there´re no police controls?
This is suspicious enough and leads one to think that this is an organized plan to create problems inside every country, One wonder who´s behind this and what obscure plans they have to promote such migration movements.
Many of us know about African misery, because it existed well before we were born, but such a situation doesn´t improve, but it gets worse and one wonders why it is so. Wouldn´t it be that there´re financial powers intrested in this perennial African misery?
I tend to think this way.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
23rd Oct 2014 (#)

Thats Spain headache and total nightmare these Immigrants seeking a better life!

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author avatar vickylass
23rd Oct 2014 (#)

Might be as well, but what I´m saying is that seems an organizaed issue to disrupt countries from within. They may stay in Spain or they may not, but this flow of blacks going into Melilla seems to be organizaed.

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