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This article is about African mythology. Like many places around the world Africa has a rich mythology, which come from ancient tribes who used to live their. If you want to learn a little more about African mythology, then the info is right here in this article.

Anceint African tribes

The land of Africa is a place which holds it's own mythologies, which come from tribal groups who have lived their for thousands of years. There are many shared beliefs among these tribes, yet they also have there own individual beliefs as well. Most of these African tribes believed in many minor gods, but overall paid tribute to one main creator god.

Like with most other cultures their creator god took on different forms and names. Some of the names the African creator god has be called are, Leza, Nyambe, Amma and Mulungu. African mythology let's us know, that the creator god used to live here with the humans. But after becoming tired with the constant demands of the people, went to live in the heavens. This is very similar to Egyptian myth which teaches us that their sun god Ra once lived with the humans, until he too became tired of their constant demands.

African creation myth

Among these ancient African tribes, are a tribe named the Yoruba tribe from Nigeria. The Yoruba myths tell us that in the beginning the universe was made up of the sky, which was ruled by their cheif god Olorun and a watery marshland which was ruled by the godess Olokun. The Yoruba believe that the earth was shaped by a god named Obatala, with the help of some other gods.

There is a tribe named Fon from Benin, and they thought the world was created by a pair of twin gods. Lisa the brother sun god and Mawa the moon goddess. Another tribe the Dogon of Mali, thought that it was the creator god who molded the sun, moon, earth and even humans by using clay. We have the Pybmies, these say that man and women were released from a tree by a gush of water by the Chameleon. The Yoruba of Nigeria thought that their cheif god Olorun was the one who first breathed the gift of life into people, but the people were first molded from the mud.

In the East of Africa we have the Maasai tribe and they worshipped the creator god named Ngai. The women of this tribe wear a large amount of colourful beads, with the different colors representing different things. Such as blue for the sky and green for gods greatest blessing, the grass. As far as legends go, we have the central African legend of Chibinda ilunga a hero prince from Luba. Luba fell in love with with the princess Lweji, and so ruled over her nation in a wise and humble manner.

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