After the Feast

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It is so amazing the people tend to stuff in the festive season, then in the New Year try to work it off

After the Feast

The time has passed for that era of joy and celebrating
The loud laughter, banter, giving as well as celebrating
Those regular gathering of friend and family and the eating
It is impossible to count the amount cake and food that kept disappearing

Now the time has come the feeling of middle spreading now time for a solution
So here come another addition to those things stated in the resolution
Therefore nothing will bring that satisfaction by taking that action
To rid oneself of those pounds that is threatening the symmetry of the midsection

And so being that mindful there only so options that will be the recourse
Is to embarked on a fitness program including diet or the gym as a resource
Therefore selecting a time frame about daybreak of even before
Only to find there are many more who are taking that trek to the gym’s door

So those first few weeks there is that gusto and filled with such enthusiasm
Going though those equipment and tolerating those little muscle spasm
As there is that comfort and confidence as there is enjoyment of the program
But what is so noticeable that numbers in the gym seems to be decreasing

For some there is that lacking of strength and a sense of commitment
Wanting results but the amount of input had no serious intent
And so as those little pains hit stay around in bed and laze
Hence before long will most definitely revert back to those old ways

Also too in the morning as one move around early in the day
There will be joggers, walker even sprinters along the highway
It is amazing to see the variety of methods used by some
As they strive to strip themselves on that unwanted pound

So no matter what this is like something that keeps going around
For years people tend to eat as the season without limit or bound
And when the New Year comes around they seem to make haste
To make every effort to shed those inches from around that waist


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author avatar Legend
5th Jan 2014 (#)

good luck on your speeedy recovery:)

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author avatar Pollyal
5th Jan 2014 (#)

Words of wisdom :D

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author avatar Retired
5th Jan 2014 (#)

It does seem like we "pig out" around the holiday season and then rush off after the new year shedding those unwanted pounds...awesome share.

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author avatar MCayou
5th Jan 2014 (#)

An observance of human nature...promises made - promises broken. Good intentions habitually not acted upon start to rot the soul - slippery slope.

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