After the peasant’s girlfriend was coming for their introduction I gradually distanced myself from the peasant

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One day the young handsome peasant passed close to me,he whispered: “my home was far from here and I were assigned to here by them ”.Then I understood they assigned the peasant to hitch me and taught other local shareholders in the hall of the Ying He securities company to attack me. One day I heard that a woman of their gang said “infinitesimal traces of poison”, so I found the season of my feeling sick after eating the pies in a store for an indeterminate period .

My Heart Traces

How heavy this mental burden is
That I am bearing
As if I once have known it
But cannot say for sure When it has happened

Don’t let any person to see the traces of happiness or sadness in my heart
There is no expression to express a real emotion on my face
And your smile is so bright
I don’t know whether you are a friend or a spy

The people around like a group of shadow
Exciting to attack me
Every day they are happy to have such a cruel entertainment
Originally that is just a trap for a particular purpose
You and all of them are set pieces


Attack, Bearing, Burden, Expression, Purpose, Shadow, Trace

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I am fifty years old.I have been stopped my work for 23 years.My main works are poems

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Mar 2015 (#)

Life is not a bed of roses nor is it a bed of thorns. There are out there many a kind soul - siva

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author avatar Utah Jay
28th Mar 2015 (#)

Love and pain litter our path, it is how we walk that makes all the difference...Beautiful poetry. Welcome to wikinut.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
28th Mar 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing your poetry. I wish you blessings.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
29th Mar 2015 (#)

My Heart traces,
The Tears of Pain.
Crying in Voice,
With never again.
Showing the anger,
That drown out love.
As all now fail it,
To Claim Above.

Hidden Flowers,
Whispers all night.
In hope of terror,
To Bury the Light.
But find enemies,
That prove it tough.
As they fall down,
Within Last Laugh.

For I just came in,
From Valley of Flowers.
Erupting just all,
Back into showers.
Soaring as Eagle,
With Sword in hand.
Truth of identity,
Within Distant Land.

As all now see it,
The truth of Life.
Heart now whispering,
No Work as Wife.
Just seeing painful,
The heart in tears.
As lady sings blues,
Confirming fears.

Leaving escapades,
With Truth to hide.
Angels now come in,
Seeing facts inside.
As all now feel it,
The truth in heart.
They all Fall Again,
Seeing World Apart.

Who comes for Lady,
Just to feel the truth.
Where no other now,
Calls her Forbidden Fruit.
As she walks Out,
She takes all away.
The truth of identification,
Now here to stay.

As world just knows,
The pain within.
As they block out,
The Wage of SIN.
Showing the hassle,
Creating the flood.
As they fall totally,
In puddle of Blood.

Leaving no other,
To pick up tool.
Leaving just all,
Going learning school.
Bringing tomorrow,
As the world now sees.
Heart is now crying,
On Bended Knees.

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 29th March 2015

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author avatar Kingwell
26th Apr 2015 (#)

I hope that you will continue to write and publish your poetry here. There are many good people on wikinut. Blessings.

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