Aging isn´t a disgrace, but business

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Does anyone still think that ageing is a sad stage in our lives? It may be sad, but for many companies is a huge business to consider.

Aging isn´t a disgrace, but business

So, do you still think that ageing is a disgrace? Do you still think that it´s a sad part of our lives because nobody will want anything with us, except for our well earned pension?
Think twice.
It´s true that world population are ageing in the Western Hemisphere and that by 2022, population´s age in many of these countries will be 87 years old on average.
However, consultancy and marketing companies have discovered a good business within the ageing population in the advanced world.
They´ve taken into consideration these facts:
67% of the old ones go shopping at least twice a week.
70% of them watch television.

Big chain supermarkets are aware of their changing clientele, their likes and their needs as well as their possibilities and the management of these big supermarkets have started to create products intended for their ageing customers.
How many of them would be able to lift and carry enormous boxes of washing powder or bottles of whatever we use at home? Not many of them, if there´re any.
This is why they´ve launched their lighter and smaller products.
- Small boxes of washing powder that can be lifted and carried easily.
- Small bottles of shampoo or any other products needed at home.
- Small packed portions of different produce such as meat, fish and the like.

They´ve also noticed that the ageing population are the ones who shop for healthy and vitamin rich produce. Therefore, they´ve increased their good offers and value on such produce.
Whether their pensions are big or small, these folks have a regular income flowing in -banks have offers for them. Retailers of all sorts have started to think of this sector of the population -creams to soothe wrinkles and shampoos that will give a shine to their graying hair and colouring shampoos to hide them. Travel agents are also thinking of the ageing population business too, offering discounts for the 50 plus in hotel stays and in the now trendy spas and what to say about powerful laboratories launching products to relief their pains and ailments typical of old age?
Not without forgetting that on these days, grands and grannies have become full time childminders for their grandchildren for free and for at most a nice present on Mother or Father´s Day and at Christmas.
Does anyone think that ageing is a disgrace? It is not; it´s developing a huge business for many companies, including these folks who run posh nursing homes.

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
1st Dec 2013 (#)

Good evening, vicky; interesting article. I am one of the old ones :) ~Marilyn

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author avatar vickylass
2nd Dec 2013 (#)

Look after yourself, Marilyn, but don´t the folks on marketing and stuff to take your money for nothing!

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