Agony of a girl child raped!

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Gender imbalance due to foeticide and infanticide has increase the incidence of rapes in India. The author's expression!


The tender clouds filtered the sun,
The rays mellowed into motherly warmth,
I take a walk along the meadows,
Gently feeling the golden blooms,
The mustard fields wear a gaily green,
Brushed with strokes of lemony hues,
The smoke from my hut rises in the air,
Beckoning me with love and care;

In seated is the burly neighbour,
Looking at me intense with intent,
I reach up to him with usual glee,
Unwrapping in hurry, the sweet round candies,
Grabbed by my waist, he puts me on his lap,
The wandering eyes are not the benign same,
Neither his smile the usual nice,
He smells strangely funny and,
His grip is mighty tighter too;

I plead to let go and run,
Into the arms of my ailing mother,
Her cuddle could cure all my ills,
But, nay I not see her from the sill;
The rough palm brutally covers my mouth,
Swooning and dreaded, I could die,
Thrown and pinned flat on bed,
I soon fade in the abyss that set,
Violated I was and soon am shred;

Wails and sobs follow for days,
Tubes and jabs are now my kin,
Yet in a coma, I hear my mom weep,
How I wish to sit up and whisper,
“Mama, I am fine and do not fear,”
They call me a brave-heart,
Bulbs flash and so do the ‘Breaking news’,
Slowly I dry and sink into the fathomless void;

What crime I did to be born a girl?
Why was it that my dad had to die?
What altered my neighbour’s mood?
And why did I like the sweet round candies?
I am travelling fast towards heaven,
To plead to God to banish all candies!
I have many more questions,
I rush to save more kids!


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author avatar WOGIAM
19th Apr 2014 (#)

This is a touching and sensitive article, thanks for sharing. Rape is one crime is so dehumanising and people need to come together to fight against it, It is destroying the lives of too many people.

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author avatar SS Kumar
20th Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks WOGIAM. Many parts of my country suffers from this barbaric acts. Hope things will change!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Apr 2014 (#)

Powerful, poignant and intense poem, thanks for driving home the harsh truth Kumar. Our world is horrible and barbaric when innocents are violated. Democracy and freedom without rule of law is plain anarchy - siva

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author avatar SS Kumar
20th Apr 2014 (#)

Thanks Siva for your kind words.The anarchy must end! Regards

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