Agro business is the source of our problems

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We should have never let the small farmers to abandon their farms and land and what has always been traditional and good agriculture.

Agro business is the source of our problems

We shouldn't have let small farmers to sell their plots to go to cities in search of better livelihood for themselves. I admit that no one wants to be sort of martyr struggling in its own farming land. All of us are entitled to a good living. Small or medium farming properties that had been worked on by a couple of generations needed help to go on working on their land to produce the best produce, but this was not in the interest of big corporations that led farming people to migrate to urban areas.
Here, it starts our tragedy. Farmers were forced to migrate, leaving their farms and land behind and cities became over crowded. On the other hand, these corporations bought the land to produce what they thought had to be produced, using the most modern machinery possible.
The truth is that most of the food we buy in supermarkets is really poisonous, particularly if it's convenience or industrialized packed food.
Who knows what it's inside these frozen fish fingers that one bought in a box and will have for supper?
How can we sure that there's fish inside them? There'll be fish, but also a variety of chemical additives as well as the fish will have been fatten with flour.
Or these packed chicken nuggets.... How can we be sure there's lean chicken in them? I doubt it, because if there was decent amounts of fish or meat, they wouldn't be this cheap in the first place. One only has to read on their labels to know what they've added apart from a bit of meat or fish and more often than not many of their additives won't be on the labels.
On these days, it's very trendy to buy these bags of a variety of salad which claims to have been washed and ready to eat, but I always wonder about them. How were they grown? How were they treated before they were packed and distributed in supermarkets? On many of these bags, they won't tell us much more that it's healthy and ready to eat.
An only choice left for us would be first of all to go back to cook again instead of relying on convenience and ready to eat food.
We should buy fresh food instead of packed or frozen one and if possible to shop for food in local grocery shops.
Cities are already overcrowded and there isn't enough work for everyone. We should support these farmers that are trying to grow good produce and to keep their livelihood in the country against all odds. We should support these people that have decided to grow their own food. This trend that at present seems to be a naive one and it's followed by a minority of people in every country poses no risk at the moment for the big corporations, but if this trend expands, it could endanger their huge interest and profits that they get out of such a basic need for everyone and this is what this financial oligarchy aim. They aim to have control of food, water and energy.
We should have in mind that these people who can produce their own food will be really free people.
We should have never let the small farmers to abandon their farms and land to migrate to urban areas. It was a big loss.

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Many thanks to everyone reading this and letting me know their views and experience on such important, human issue. After all, for a feature article writer opinions from readers are as important as writing.

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