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What are the benefits of air travel?
The paradoxes of air travel is the consistency of reaching places where horse and cart could not go, and cruise ships takes longer, we have longer journeys completed in shorter time, we live in remote villages, but we can go shopping on city breaks, meet new people, a joyous reunion of friends and family are in reality only moments away.

club class or economy class

Air travel can be classified as domestic or international, taken in the form of transport by airplanes for long distance, and the more work alike helicopter for shorter journeys, but unlike international airliners, helicopters are not luxurious means of transport, they are mainly used as aerial cranes, to fetch and carry emergency supplies in and out of harsh terrain, and they used extensively as medical ambulances to help evacuate injured victims in emergency crisis.

Although helicopters are not the best form of air travel, I would however, recommend using a charter helicopter for short sightseeing tours, which could also incorporate business trips and honeymoon vacation package, flying for approximately 30/45 minutes in rapturous pleasure time.

Some of the most enchanting places in the world are best seeing from an Ariel point, traveling by helicopter will give you a more realistic breathtaking view of cities and landscape, and see the places that are sown in agriculture leading into cities which are painting the skies with huge skyscrapers, you can experience the thrills and explore the picturesque geography.
To see the world at a glance, travel by helicopter tours, they are less expensive than you would imagine. City tours featuring some of the most beautiful sights of New York, would include, Niagara Falls, and statue of liberty, when you are up in the air, the adventure can stretch your imagination, going over bridges on day tours, until night sparkles, it is an experience to savor, seeing the statue of liberty standing out of the water as an imperial silhouette.

When a person travels from one country to another, they are called international travelers; they will either be traveling by premium business class, sometimes called (club class) or economy class, these are the only two divisions on a passenger aircraft, which is divided by partition of cabins, unless you find yourself asleep, in the baggage storage compartment below the passenger deck.when purchasing an air travel ticket, you will be ask if you are in possession of certain travel documents, your valid passport is one of the most important document that you will need, for processing to get through immigration, in order to travel free and safe, it is important that you keep your passport secure with you at all times.

Other traveling arrangements that you will need to put in place, so that you will have a stress free time, is making arrangements for transfer to your hotel, having some local currency, never travel without health insurance, comfortable shoes, sunglasses and a hat.


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