Aircraft in "Oblivion" movie

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From where is idea for such design?Is this helicopter or air plane?

Bubbleship review ?

I would like to fly around with such beautiful aircraft. I'm not pilot but still. The bad thing is if I would have chance to fly in this, probably my underpants would become full with something :-)


Bubbleship specs.To me this is the coolest image of Bubbleship.I think Bubbleship is the right name for this kind of Airplane.


Searching through the Web I have found that design and idea for Bubbleship comes from the helicopter Bell 47 that was used also as Batcopter.
But I have found some another aircraft that is even more similar to Bubbleship than Bell 47.


And that is "Optica". See the picture. What do you think. "Optica" had been made around 1978 and is kind of light Airplane.
Maybe designer have made this Bubbleship from 2 real aircraft's. I don't know if it so but that shows how Bubbleship isn't such original idea or design. Little change her little more here. We put some jet motors and that is it.... Bubbleship! New Hi-tech super fast alien aircraft.

If Bell 47 or Optica would be Apple and Samsung products ,I'm sure they were sue one another and together designer of Bubbleship :-)

Here is video about Bubbleship.


Meanwhile I'm write this article I think of what all is new in movie. Maybe the Drones, don't think so(Star Wars) . Or maybe the mothership in space hmm.....
I think in the movie "Independence day" is very similar design and scenario.
Just Will Smith survive. But that is because he isn't cloned :-)

Maybe the only thing is this Airtower. I can't remember nothing like it.

Really cool.

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Great article..enjoyed reading it and watching the video with Tom Cruise ..thanks for sharing this

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