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Father babbles and babbles and babbles over the radio with pure excitement. He's so excited that Petros and I have finally arrived in the Canyon Manoir area.

He keeps asking us if we can see him. I see the truck where he and Harrison is, but I'm so airsick I can barely think straight. I wish we could just land.


Yup, did we fly and fly and fly and fly and fly and fly and fly some more, all the way from Tower Hills to Canyon Manoir. My little tea flask is by now completely full and can't take no more urine, which is what it had to be used for once the tea was out.

Wasn't a bad flight at all, except of course when we had to land about two hours' flight from Canyon Manoir to have our passports stamped.

The "customs" officers weren't there, and were on lunch and we waited about an hour and a half for them.

And when they did arrive, they were of course these black women who act like they're doing you the biggest of favors to do their work that they are paid for.

I wonder what is going to happen to Africa with these people who have no inkling about how customer service works. They don't seem to grasp that in this case for example, they and their "customs regulations" are an inconvenience and abomination to us, not us to them. They most certainly aren't doing us any favors with their irritating "laws" or whatever rubbish. We certainly wouldn't mind if we didn't have to bother interrupting our journey and wasting our time for "customs" rubbish just to state that we have nothing to declare anyway.

Anyway, let's get on to when we finally do land at the landing place at Canyon Manoir.

Mother is at the airstrip with Harrison and Elmarie's children to welcome us. Nobody else though. But it doesn't bother me; I'm so airsick I really can't get myself to be all smiles and happiness.

This is kind of Mother to come pick us up. She drives us to Canyon Manoir and we can finally settle in.

I wonder why we did come though. Petros and Father had a fight at Tower Hills before Father and Mother had come here, so Petros swore he was not coming to visit with the family here at Canyon Manoir.

So as little as two days ago, it was still assumed that Petros and I would not come to Canyon Manoir. But then we decided we'll give it a try anyway. Father already arranged for us to use one of his flying craft, and he left us money for fuel, so the opportunity was there.

Still, I don't know why but tensions in the family have been running quite high. There's always lots that is not said, and lots more said behind one's back. I wish it wasn't so, but because of that, I haven't been coming too much to these family vacations anymore for the past ten years or so.

I told Petros it will probably end in a horrible family fight again, and I don't want any part of it.

But anyway, I did then give in and I did come along, and now we are here. Let's be positive and see what adventures await...

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Interesting post!

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