Al Mahdi proclaims: "No more death

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We no longer choose to die and reincarnate, we choose to ressurect

Al Mahdi, second born of the dead

For all intents and purposes John Hicks, prisoner of Guantanamo was dead. Rumor had it that he had been reanimated by alien technology. But no one knew with an absolute certainty. He appeared one day in the offices of George Noory , the executive producer of Coast2Coast, a radio talk program known for its off the wall, in-depth approach to the paranormal. When it was medically verified that the John Hicks was indeed dead after his execution, Art Bell assigned one of his top producers and star reporters to do the story. The producer ran into some obstacles when he tried a human interest approach to the story's spin. He wanted to establish a history, interview family and friends. But John Hicks wanted nothing to do with it. His reason for coming to the world's attention was to make people happy, he said. His past, his family, his origins were not important, what was important was the truth…and he wanted to share it with everyone.

When the show aired, the ratings went through the roof. The Executed man was an immediate success. People loved him. They wanted to invite him to dinner, even if it was only to have him sitting at the table. Politicians from around the world and religious leaders from every denomination wanted to consult with him. They felt that he had insights into life that were given to him by God. What became immediately apparent was that his mere image on the TV screen instilled a sense of happiness and contentment in the viewing audience that was unheard of in the annals of television broadcasting. No one could account for this phenomenon. Corporations were quick to see the value in all this. They asked John to sell their products and wanted his photos for print ads. They offered top dollar, but John Hicks said he did not need money, and no longer felt the urge to chase that beast. Furthermore, he made it plain that he had not come to sell candy, soda, cereal, or anything else to anyone. He came only to be seen and make people aware of the continuity of consciousness in the Bardo State, also know as death.

Although he had not given permission, toy makers were manufacturing action figures and dolls in his likeness. He refused legal representation, thus allowing anyone who cared to market his image to do so with impunity. He began to appear in ads all around the world, on trading cards and billboards. The resurrected man was seen drinking beer and eating foods that he had no use for. He had become an overnight celebrity. Hollywood wanted to sign him to do feature films; TV execs wanted him to star in his own sitcom. He refused all offers. Nonetheless, paparazzi and reporters followed him everywhere he went along with mobs of autograph seekers. Fan clubs sprung up on every continent of the planet. Glossy photos of him were in countless households, even in shacks and shanties in third world countries, all of them signed by John Hicks.

No matter where he was seen, or where he appeared, he always wore the same clothes–a white pair of pants, and a white tunic, and a thin black tie with a star and quarter moon embossed upon it. No one knew where the dead man lived. He would simply appear where he was expected, and in places where he was not expected at all. People from all walks of life invited him to come live with them, wealthy individuals offered to build him air-conditioned mausoleums around the world so that he would have a comfortable place to stay no matter where he went. He would have nothing to do with it. It was apparent that he was enormously reticent and valued his privacy above human comforts. Scientists took interest in him because he did not decompose. There was a bright aura and halo emitting from him, but this did not increase over any length of time. He was a true enigma who always sidestepped a question with a shy and wry smile.

When he met with Pope Francis at the Vatican, this press release was handed to reporters:

After many a millennia, the time has come to complete the true, long awaited role of the human species. My presence on the planet at this time is to draw attention to the ressurection that befalls everyone alive today. The time is near when the great culmination that the human race has long expected on a subconscious level is but a sun flare away. The technology is in place; the required number of human beings is in place; the political antagonisms and spiritual malaise are ripe and very much in place. The momentous time has arrived, the sun has returned to it’s place of origin, only doing so when times like these arise. The great culling of the human race is about to begin. I am the second born of the dead, pick up your lives and follow me, take
no food, no clothing, no possessions, they will not be needed.

The minions from every nation, every race, every creed, left their homes and domiciles to search for John Hicks, he was spotted in the Himilayas, or on the Pyramid of the Sun,
or beneath the Denver Airport, he preached to the Liberals and the Republicans, baptizing them in the Potomic River, and casting out demons.

He would appear at bar mitzvahs and family picnics, at Christian baptismal ceremonies, and at pubs and nightclubs where he was seen dancing with delighted females who slipped their phone numbers into his white tunic in hopes of a late night rendezvous. Drug addicts toasted him as he passed because they believed he had reached the highest high attainable. Post offices had to open up special divisions for all of the fan mail he received. They had to store all these letters in huge warehouses because Hicks had no known address.

Then suddenly John Hicks made an announcement, he would speak to the whole world on December 21, 2013. He said he would reveal many truths, and needed the world to listen.

On the night that this broadcast was to occur, everyone was in front of their TV set or radio, eager to hear what he had to say. Soldiers on battlefields stopped for the occasion, crime halted during this announcement, the flow of human semen ceased while sex was put on suspension. All ears and eyes were peeled to hear the second born among the dead.

He told the world, there was now so much more to life, that life extended far beyond our dreams,
that it now extended into the bardo state. The sun had returned to it’s place of origin and erased the limit we call death. He said “men will seek death and shall not find it.”

No more suffering to die, no more giving up the ghost, all of mankind would now experience the reality of the universal consciousness. He suggested World Leaders release prisoners and stop all wars, and destroy all missiles and nuclear warheads. He told the people they no longer needed food or sustenance, that the ether was all they needed to sustain their consciousness, because it was the very face of god.

Without hesitation, or thinking of the ultimate consequences, The illuminati gave orders to launch missiles of mass destruction at countries that were at the top of their adversary lists. They also deployed troops on their home front to decimate the civilian population. They would not give up their power without a fight. They controlled the womb, and they controlled the tomb. While the sheeple sat in front of TV sets listening to the gunfire and explosions in their cities, they waited patiently for the nuclear, chemical and biological warheads to hit the earth; and they watched John Hicks, the executed second born of the dead on the screen with smiles on their faces, in complete tranquility, as he opened wide the door to heaven.


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