Alexis' New Career: A GH Fanfic

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Alexis Davis has been a lawyer for years. It was her life. Now that her license has been suspended for a year, Alexis doesn’t know what to do with her life. When a new opportunity presents itself to Alexis, she suddenly finds a new direction with her life not to mention a new love interest. But the possibility of Julian’s release from prison causes conflict for Alexis’ new life who will stop at nothing to get Alexis back.


Alexis Davis has been a lawyer for years. It was her life. Now that her license has been suspended for a year, Alexis doesn’t know what to do with her life. When a new opportunity presents itself to Alexis, she suddenly finds a new direction with her life not to mention a new love interest. But the possibility of Julian’s release from prison causes conflict for Alexis’ new life who will stop at nothing to get Alexis back.


Alexis Davis – Nancy Lee Grahn
Molly Davis – Haley Pullos
Kristina Davis-Corinthos – Lexie Ainsworth
Sam McCall Morgan – Kelly Monaco
Julian Jerome – William DeVry
Jasper "Jax" Jacks – Ingo Rademacher
Dr. David Bensch - James DePaiva
Dr. Kim Nero - Tamara Braun

Chapter 1

Alexis woke the next morning ready to get to work. As she was getting dressed, it hit her that her license had been suspended. Depressed, she slumped back to bed, only to find her daughter, Molly, coming into her room.
“Mom!” Molly said to her as she drew open her shades. “What are you still doing in bed?”
“Go away!” Alexis told her youngest daughter. “And draw back those shades!”
“C’mon, mother! This isn’t like you.” Molly protested her.
“Who cares! I have nothing to live for!”
“What do you mean? You have Sam, Kristina, Danny and me?” Molly reminded her.
“Molly, have you forgotten. . .my license to practice law has been suspended. What good am I now?!” Alexis replied back, more to herself in pity.
“C’mon, mother. Get over it. You still have passion. Just find something else to do until your license is reinstated.” Molly told her mother before heading out of her room.
As Alexis lay there in her bed, she wondered, “And do what? I’m a lawyer. What else is there?”
Just then, a call came in on her cell, that Alexis thought she had turned off.
“Hello?” Alexis said, answering her cell.
“Alexis?” Jax said. “I’m glad I caught you.”
“Jax?” Alexis replied, trying to sound cheerful. “It’s so good to hear from you.”
“Alexis, can we meet for coffee this morning?” Jax inquired. “I have a proposition to ask of you?”
“Sure.” Alexis said as she got up from her bed to get dressed.
“Okay. Meet me at The MetroCourt, 9ish?”
“9 sounds good.” Alexis agreed.
“Great! See you then.” Jax said as he ended the call.
“Well, time to listen to your daughter, Alexis.” Alexis said out loud, as she got dressed.

“Mom, you’re up!” Molly said happily.
“Thank you, Molly, for the tough love.” Alexis said gratefully to her daughter.
“Well, I can’t let my mother waste away all day in bed.”
“Well, I have a meeting with Jax at The MetroCourt this morning.”
“Really? That was quick!”
“Yes. He called just after you left my room.” Alexis explained. “He said he had some proposition for me.”
“Alright mother.” Molly said as she held out her hand to high-five her mother.
Just then Molly received a text on her cell from TJ.
“I’m sorry mother, but I have to go.” Molly said to her mother as she kissed her good-bye. “Have a great morning with Jax!”
“Thanks dear!” Alexis said as she finished getting ready and hopped in her Subaru Brat and headed to The MetroCourt to meet with Jax.

Chapter 2

On the way to meet Jax at The Metro Court, Alexis found a girl sitting on the curb alone and cold.
“Get in!” Alexis told the girl after she stopped and pulled over.
“Thank you.” The scared girl said, as she hopped into Alexis’ Brat.
“I was running from my abusive boyfriend when I fell and twisted my ankle.” The scared girl explained. “I was so afraid he’d find me and drag me back home!”
“Well, I can drop you off at the shelter.” Alexis said.
“Thanks. You’re so kind.” The girl said.
Alexis dropped the girl off at the shelter in Port Charles and barely made it to her meeting with Jax as he was about to leave when she finally arrived at The Metro Court.
“I’m sorry, Jax!” Alexis said. “Something came up on the way to meet you.”
“That’s okay.” Jax told her. “There’s still time. I just thought you decided not to show.”
“No, I saw a lone girl on the side of the street who need help so I stopped and picked her up and took her to the shelter to escape an abusive boyfriend.” Alexis explained.
“I knew it was something important.” Jax said. “You wouldn’t stand me up for nothing.”
“Thanks.” Alexis said as she told the server her order.
“You know, that’s why I love you!” Jax revealed.
“You love me?” Alexis nearly choked on her drink the server just brought her.
“Yes. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” Jax said, as he pulled out a box that resembled a ring box.
“Jax, are you. . .” Alexis started to say but couldn’t say the words.
“Relax, Alexis, it’s just a promise ring.” Jax said as Alexis breathed a sigh of relief. She couldn’t get married now after her fiasco of a marriage to Julian Jerome, who, luckily was in prison with no chance of getting out.
“A promise for what?” Alexis asked curiously.
“A promise of a life together.”
“You and me?”
“Alexis, after my divorce from Carly, I’ve been searching for meaning in my life, and I’ve realized now that you’re the one I want!” Jax confessed.
“You want to have a life with me?”
“Yes.” Jax told her. “Will you give us a chance?
But just as Alexis was about to give her answer to Jax, Dante walked into The Metro Court to speak with Alexis.
“Dante?” Alexis said, surprised.
“Alexis, did you pick up a girl and bring her to the shelter?”
“Yes, yes I did. Why?” Alexis asked.
“Because that girl is dead!” Dante told her.
(Coming: Jax and Alexis plan their lives together as Alexis begins a new career.)

Chapter 3

“I’m sorry, how can she be dead?” Alexis asked Dante.
“She was found in the woods outside her home.” Dante told Alexis.
“How did she get home? I dropped her off at the shelter?” Alexis asked confused.
“Apparently, she found a way back home? Or was forced to go home?” Dante replied to Alexis’ question with another question.
“That poor girl. She was so desperate to get away from her abusive boyfriend.” Alexis said, crushed. “Why couldn’t someone do something?”
“Well, apparently the boyfriend never planned to let his girlfriend go.”
“He found her after I dropped her off. Was he following us?” Alexis questioned.
“I don’t know but if so, he’s probably some high-profile person who couldn’t allow her to leave?”
“Well, I don’t care who is responsible. Someone needs to protect girls like her from being victimized!” Alexis said outraged.
“Well, maybe you’re the one to do it?” Dante replied, giving Alexis pause for thought.
As Alexis was driving home, she looked at the ring on her finger that Jax had given her. That girl will never have the joy of being engaged or married. Something had to be done to help girls like her. But what? Then it hit her! She would be an advocate for victims’ rights. As soon as Alexis got home, she went on the Internet from her laptop and searched for programs where she could help young girls in domestic violence relationships.
After an exhaustive search, Alexis didn’t find anything in the Port Charles area, which she thought odd. So she decided to start her own chapter for women in domestic violence relationships and she called it The Kristina Davis-Corinthos House after her daughter Kristina, after her own troubles with the troubled Kiefer Bauer.

Chapter 4

“Sam, I need to have a family meeting.” Alexis said when Sam picked her cell up.
“Yes, mom. When?” Sam replied back.
“How about tonight? The MetroCourt? 6-ish?” Alexis asked her oldest daughter.
“Sounds good.” Sam confirmed before hanging up.
Alexis dialed Molly’s number, “Mom?”
“Hey, Mols, I am having a family meeting at The MetroCourt, 6-ish.” Alexis informed her youngest daughter.
“Great, mom. So good to see you’re okay.” Molly said after the Julian fiasco.
“Yeah. Thanks.” Alexis said before she and Molly hung up.
“Now, to tell Kristina.” Alexis said, about her middle daughter, the one she was having issues with.
“Kristina, I need you at The MetroCourt, 6-ish for a family meeting.” Alexis said when she heard Kristina’s voice.
“What is it this time, mother?!” Kristina said heatedly. “Have you found dirt on Molly or Sam?!”
“Kristina, I have some news to tell everyone and I want you to be there.” Alexis pleaded with her daughter.
“Humphhhh!” Kristina said irritated. “Fine, I’ll be there.”
“Thank you, Krissy. You won’t regret it!”
“Yeah.” Kristina said doubtfully, as she hung up with Alexis.
Meanwhile, Julian was meeting with Rudge, who had news for him.
“I have news for you.” Rudge told Julian, who was working for Olivia, unbeknownst to Julian, was setting him up.
“You will be set free from prison.” Rudge told him.
“You did it?” Julian said ecstatically.
“You’re a free man.” Rudge said.
“By tomorrow.”
“Great. Thank you.”
“No problem.” Rudge said. Rudge knew Julian was being set free because Olivia had plans for Julian and need him out of prison to do her dirty work.

Chapter 5

Alexis was waiting at The MetroCourt when Sam, Kristina and Molly arrived.
“Thank you for coming.” Alexis told her three daughters.
“Yeah. Can we please just get this over with!” Kristina said, so not wanting to be there.
“Krissy, can you just give mother some time to tell us why she called this meeting?” Molly pleaded with her sister.
“Fine!” Kristina said, as she sat down at Alexis’ table. “I suppose I should be thankful for a meal with the fam!”
“Can I get you ladies a drink?” Olivia (Falconeri, not Jerome) came out to take their order.
“I’ll take an iced tea with lemon.” Aliexis told Olivia.
“I’ll take the same.” Molly and Sam told Olivia.
“I’ll take a gin on the rocks.” Kristina said. “I have a feeling I’ll need a drink.”
“Okay. That’s 3 iced teas with lemon and a gin on the rocks coming up.” Olivia noted.
“So, what was the reason for this family meeting!” Kristina said, reminding her mother.
“Well, I wanted to let you all know that I am starting a new venture.” Alexis began.
“Whoopee!” Kristina said.
“Kristina! Can you just let mother tell us her news?” Molly said to her sister.
“Thank you Molly.” Alexis said. “Anyway, I am starting a home for victims of domestic violence.”
“That’s great mom.” Molly and Sam told their mother. “So glad you’re getting on with your life.”
“That’s why you called this meeting!” Kristina said bitterly.
“I wanted you here, Krissy, because I’m naming it after you.” Alexis said. “The Kristina Davis-Corinthos Home.”
“What?” Kristina said tearfully.
“After your troubles with Keifer Bauer.”
“Oh, mother, I’m so sorry for my behavior.” Kristina hugged her mother.
“It’s okay.” Alexis told her daughter, hugging her back.
Alexis and her three daughters enjoyed a family dinner, while Julian prepared for his entrance back into society.

Chapter 6

Alexis met with the person who wanted to help her make her venture a reality. As she waited at The MetroCourt, Olivia stopped by her table with a latte on the house.
“What’s this for?” Alexis asked gratefully.
“It’s a latte. On the house.” Olivia told her.
“Thank you, but I think I can pay for my own lattes.” Alexis told her thinking Olivia was doing it because she had no job.
“Oh, no, don’t get me wrong.” Olivia assured her she wasn’t doing it out of pity. “I want to thank you for standing up for women in domestic violence situations.”
“Well thank you, but I haven’t done anything yet.”
“But I know you will.” Olivia said as Alexis’ mysterious benefactor showed up at the entrance of The MetroCourt—Julian Jerome. Julian walked over to Alexis’ table.
“Julian? What are you doing here?” Alexis asked more ired than shocked by his presence.
“We had a meeting.”
“I’m sorry, but I’m meeting with someone who wants to help me with my venture.”
“I know. I’m the benefactor.”
Alexis nearly coughed up her latte, “What?!”
“I’m the benefactor here to help you.”
“I’m sorry but the meeting is off.” Alexis said as she packed up her briefs and stuffed them in her briefcase to leave—but Julian stopped her.
“Just hear me out.”
“Fine. You have 5 minutes.”
Julian pitched his spiel to Alexis and she had to admit, it was a good one, but Alexis still had trouble trusting him. But she really wanted this to work out.
“You’re in.” Alexis told him. “But I want to draw up some ground rules for this partnership.”
“Fine.” Julian agreed.
“I’ll get back to you tomorrow with the papers.”
“Thank you, Alexis.” Julian said gratefully.
“It’s just a partnership, Julian. Nothing more.”
And Alexis walked out of The MetroCourt leaving Julian hopeful for the first time in months.

Chapter 7

Julian felt hopeful that he and Alexis was getting back together, until he spied her having a cozy dinner with Dr. David Bensch at The MetroCourt. As jealousy filled Julian with rage, he confronted Alexis while on her date.
“I’m sorry, Alexis about showing up late for our dinner.” Julian lied as he approached Alexis and David’s table.
“Julian, I’m sorry, but I don’t believe we had any plans going?” Alexis said peeved, but managing to stay in control.
“I’m sorry, I must have got the dates wrong.” Julian apologized, but not letting on his jealousy at seeing Alexis with David Bensch. “I’ll be leaving now.”
“Really, I don’t know what’s got into him.” Alexis apologized for the interruption, not wanting to rehash her conflicted feelings for Julian. She just wanted a nice dinner with a decent man for once in her life.
Julian went back his bar, Charlie’s Tavern, where he took over for Finn, who agreed to fill in while Julian was away.
Julian’s mood cheered up when Dr. Kim Nero came into the bar looking sullen.
“What’s wrong, Kim?” Julian asked her with concern.
“It’s Oscar.” Kim said, as she ordered a double shot of vodka on the rocks, hoping she could just drown her sorrows.
Instead, she ended up pouring her heart out to Julian.
Back at The MetroCourt, Alexis noticed the time and made her excuse to leave, “I’m sorry, David, but the time seems to have escaped me.”
“Yes, but it was quite a night.” David said remembering Julian’s obvious jealousy at seeing them together, which for some strange reason, pleased him.
“I have an early meeting in the morning.” Alexis said as she got up from their table to leave, as David got up and escorted her to her car.
“I had a nice time tonight.” David said, helping Alexis into her car, who then drove off, not giving David an answer. She just wanted to get out fast. She really couldn’t handle her conflicting feelings for Julian and David.
And it got worse when she got home to find Jax waiting for her outside her flat.

Chapter 8

After seeing Julian while having dinner with David, Jax was the last person Alexis wanted to see tonight. But she wondered what he wanted, so she didn’t immediately dismiss him.
“Jax, what brings you by?”
“We need to talk.”
“Alexis, I want you in my life.” Jax confessed to a shocked Alexis. She could barely handle Julian’s jealousy, now she had to deal with Jax’ feelings for her too?
“Jax, can we discuss this later? I really need to get some sleep. I have a big meeting in the morning to discuss my new business venture.”
“Alexis, that’s why I’m here. I’m going to be your partner on this new venture.”
Alexis’ jaw dropped at Jax’ announcement.
“I’m sorry, but did I just hear you right? You’re my partner in my new venture?”
“Yes, Alexis, that’s why I’m back in Port Charles.”
Alexis collapsed in Jax’ arms as he carried her inside her flat and laid her down on the davenport.
Back Charlie’s Tavern, Julian continued to bond with Kim as they commiserated over drinks.

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