Aliens on Tv, and mind control

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What Do my Favorite Martian, Mork and Mindy and Star Trek all have in common?
They are put before us to open our minds to accept the fact that there are Aliens among us, or are there?

The Alien Agenda via Hollywood

Officially the United States Government has refused to identify any Unidentified flying Objects and has never divulged what they actually know about ET's, or what we call extra terrestrials...

The government of the United States introduced the idea of ET's and invasion of Aliens in the War of the Worlds, a radio spoof by Orson Welles.

This sent thunderbolts and electric shock waves through the populations of the earth...the idea that Aliens were coming to invade the Planet, opened up the idea to many humans, that we are not alone. The reaction was so violent and repleate with human suicide that the Government decided to take a more friendly approach to bringing the Alien Agenda to the human mind.

So in a comedic genre the government subsidized Hollywood to come up with an Alien format that would be much more palatable to the average joe living on planet earth.

At first, the Aliens, were idiotic, almost retarded, yet genius. In my favorite Martian, Bill Bixby has an Uncle, who is from Mars. He has Antenaeii, and he calls home frequently, and appears and disappears at will, and sometimes not. The hilarity lies in the random encounters with other humans. Bill Bixby is in the know, but the rest of humanity has no clue...

The idea to keep it funny continued. We have Mork and Mindy, and Mork's favorite pick up line, Nanu, Nanu, and then we had Alf, who lived with your average American Family...things became more serious with Star Trek, and Star trek the next generation....The X files tried to uncover the Alien Agenda among the Government Elites upon the earth, and Mulder figured out that there was a conspiracy among all governments to introduce an alien race and to mix that race with humans...

There was my all time favorite: 3rd Rock from the sun, featuring John Lithgow as an eccentric Dutch man, with a big secret and a very big giant head...

If the Government of the United States was not pushing an Alien Agenda, you could not prove it by the biggest medium used on earth for the past century. The fact is Television was a medium used by the government to inundate humanity with the idea that there are Aliens among us and there always has been. Which brings us to Nordic Man and the Hollow Earth.

If it is true that the inner realms of our planet are inhabited by a more advanced race of beings living in a paradisaical state of existence and are in possession of greater technology than the exterior governments of the world, it can be better understood why our governments would not want us to become aware of it. If we as a people were to better understand this truth, how much longer would the masses allow the powerful elite to cause us to slave away our existence only to further line their pockets at our expense? They are afraid that if we were to know the truth, their power structure would become severely destabilized and a mass exodus would potentially occur, the likes of which have never been known.

Our planet holds a dark secret, witnessed by few and guarded by governments. The idea is equal parts absurd and fascinating, and has many supporters around the world. The secret they foster is one which says our world is actually hollow, and another society of beings lives within. All we have known of this planet, all the history and science taught in schools and universities, is only a half truth. The real truth lies within.

So how is this information, this unveiling of a human race superior to ours, a group of humanoid type creatures who have technology far superior to us, going to go over on our earthly human minds?

If truth be told, this is a part of the human race that seperated itself from the rest of humanity. By doing this, these humans saved their culture and their lives and thier continuing strive to conquer the earth. Governments have cowtowed to these "superhuman, nordic type men" and have aqcuiesced, signing treaties, and allowing them certain liberties among the earth's population.

We know from cattle mutilations, and abductions, that they have experimented with dna splicing cloning, and ideas for human depopulation. They want to appear benevolent, when in fact they have always been planning the demise of Cro Magnon man, who invaded their territory over 100 thousand years ago.

My hypothesis is that the sons of God (neanderthal) raped the daughters of men and created a race of giants, of nordic looking giants. Blonde haired blue eyed beings who seperated themselves from the human population some 30 thousand years ago. They did not go extinct, and they did not leave the planet. They have always been HERE. They are from HERE.

They are not superior, they had the continuity of consciousness, when modern humans were in their infancy, they had the werewithal to continue their culture and their technologies, when modern humans were battling and murdering for dominance on the planet's surface. The wages of sin is death. That is the cutting off of memory. Every-time we war and use the limit of death as a means to an ends, our memory is cut off. Men have learned to use this well, by writing revisionist history, to the victor goes the spoils. Spoiling what? The collective memory of the human race.

These Nordic men receded first to the foremost north, and then into the nether regions of the earth itself. The powers that be like to think that they are genetically connected to these Beings. The whole idea of Monarchy comes from believing in superior races, superior bloodlines, and superior gods and spirits.

So how to control the population of the earth?? Here is where we come to the Alien Agenda. Instead of an encompassing 'welcome' to these lost brothers, mankind has devised a more devious plan to introduce our lost brothers and civilization to mankind. Instead they want to introduce them as aliens, from another planet, from the Pleides, or from Orion's belt. some 7 star system, that would prove that there are superior beings in the Universe and we better listen to what they have to say. and what would happen to our belief system? How would we react to losing our 'religion'? In fact the majority of people would rather believe in flesh and blood aliens then the spirit of God the father.

In fact I delved into the Raelian movement. It was so bogus it was scary. Rael is a loon, and yet is he?? Maybe he was just a government Dupe set up to introduce these wonderful beings from outer-space and to worship them as progenitors of the human race. And that is exactly what Rael has done, created a bogus religion based on a in aLIEn.

let's not forget the dissemination of Zacharia Sitchin and Erik Von Doniken. They both were non scholars, both disseminating half truths to push the Alien Agenda on the earth's population. They were funded by the Rockefellers, and that should give one pause to reflect on what money and power do to people.

The powers that think they be are being dictated to. They have submitted themselves to these beings, who want to appear benevolent, and yet are malevolent. We see by what the power elite has done, that these beings consider the Aryan race superior on this earth. We need only look at the Dutch and German agendas to see that it is these people who are now ruling every aspect of life on earth. We are being directed in their image...

The western world is ruled by a power elite who are of Germanic blood. We find that Germany rules the Eu and Rome, and the English Throne..we find that they have taken over Jerusalem and the Whitehouse..They are bringing forth the 3rd Reich...World War II did not end...project paperclip is proof of that...the Germans were answering to the Nordic men of the inner earth...they want to introduce them to the world, but not as blood brothers, but as we must wait for the Blessings of the Pope.


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24th May 2013 (#)

Very imaginative and thought provoking post. Interesting dissection of information.

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