Alistair J. Hemmingrade-Browning: How We Assist Others At Their Time Of Transition From This World To The Next

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The gentleman in this article, Alistair, has given us his permission to share his story with you which concluded his transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of FreePlanets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

I have worked in the past with many souls who needed some kind of assistance in finding their way onward to the next realm which is a world similar to this one and just as solid. Now I work in conjunction with my husband Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez in assisting souls over the cross line to the next world. Here is one recent story. But first, an explanation.

We all at this level of our existence at one time or another face what many of you call “death.” There is no death to speak of, but the transition of the soul body from the physical to another physical body is evident. The soul body upon the transition of so-called “death” is only different in molecular structure and that is why people can pass through walls and other structures. They can also walk through you, the ones still inhabitiing this dimension or earth plane.

Unfortunately, too many souls came to me and through my efforts to assist them they drained me of my energy. For years I refused to help any more. Now I take them one at a time and do not allow more than one into my sphere at any given time.

I take scribings from the starship commanders and others of high acclaim and that is my first priority.

One young gentleman I assisted to cross over had of himself a vocabulary which would have made a sailor blush, but we are not here to judge nor condemn, only to help.

We each have our own path to walk and lessons to learn and some people have a harder time than others.

The gentleman in this article, Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning, has given us his permission to share his story with you which concluded his transition to the next realm or ‘Deva Chan.’ Here is how we work in assisting souls who need to move on. – Rania Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning - Introduces Himself

(Note: This is the closest image we could find with relationship to potentially what Mr. Alistair may have looked like as a younger man. We chose this photo directly due to the clothes of the period. - Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez)

August 27, 2014

11:52 am

Well, rejoining us together in a rather “climatic” affair shall we say, will be my loving wife of over 22 long years in absolute bliss. And I do mean it! May I introduce myself as the “carpenter of the year!” and a rejoicing will we go all the way to the bank. Prosperous for once and a Hemmingrade never more appreciated than the likes of both myself, my wife, and our two sons and daughter Augusta June Rothschild Jr. who was wed not too long ago to Rothschild Jonathon “Squire.” So who am I, actually, that I feel to come forth in writing this..such a dialogue?

Well, I am the “principle Squire” of the New Age realm of all unrealistic principles and would simply like to know: what indeed does happen when leaving this “casing,” as you say, for one slightly less autonomous? Will you take it from here, Jamie? I ask you today, son, because you have a “tweak” of a conjunction of different mood toward that of the fullness of “ire” toward all those comrades or counter-productive persons of the New Age movement who believe Alaska is just another point of reference for new diatram vortexes for their ships to go through into a new earth such as this one, albeit the same earth indeed in another five to ten years, or centuries - I am not such which they actually mean - instead of going through more ghastly quakes and floods, and such and so on.

So I am waiting as much as I need to for your answer. Please take all the time in the world you need.

I am in no rush my contempory fools of lust toward world power, and this young gentleman is my foremost compatriot of all sense and prestige. Thank you. (Alistair smiles briefly. – Rania)

The Interlude - A Note

Rania: Jamie, take it away.

(Note: To our readers, this file has a long life, and another one designated intrudes not, but has been on the line for quite some time. And though we have begun with a ready-to-go story of Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning, we must answer the reminder of the other placed first in line. – Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez) 12:04:36 pm

(Disclaimer: All images are merely representative of actual person/persons in this file, in an effort to illustrate the nearest resemblance to actual person/persons. - Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez)

Mr. Hemmingrade-Browning Avails Himself Of Jamie's Assistance

September 3, 2014

8:50 am

I’m very pleased to meet you, Mr. Browning, or if that’s convenient for you to be addressed, Sir. You come across as a man of lofty status. If you don’t mind my asking, is or was your daughter married to the renowned Rothschild clan of Britain? In any case, you are asking me about what happened when leaving the body, after “death.”

Sir, as you are already “dead” and still linger in the physical world, it is appropriate to say that you are, as we call it, still “earth-bound.” In that sense, you have preferred to be in the earthly realm because of some attachments to family and probably to other possessions you had left behind? From where you are, you might have felt or realized already that you are a soul in a timeless space.

So, from there, in your state, the place where you should have gone straight away after your “death” was the Deva Chan. If you are Christian, it is not “heaven” as you had been taught, where you meet God or his angels. It is a sanctuary or resting place in which you will meet the highly-evolved brethren of light.

Rania will elucidate on that if what I just said is not clear to you, Sir.

I will delay further discussion concerning your question, Mr. Browning, ‘till I have finished some pending writs.

Alistair: Thank you, my friend. In that case I will gladly avail myself of the presence of your beautiful wife for further information. Do I have your attention, love?

Rania: Sir, I am indeed listening in. I have asked Jamie to please wait a little longer before tackling the next writ and finishing other work. Please refrain from familiarities in your speech back to myself. We will take a short break until I finish my few duties.

Alistair: Well, tell me when you are available then. (Alistair is becoming a little moody. – Rania)

Alistair: type of monologue or crazed dialogue stemming from the right wing of impotency! 9:45 am

The Altered Molecular State Of The Clinically 'Dead'

(Note: Atoms and Molecules are at the foundation of all bodily injunctions. - Rania)

9:55 am

Alistair: Are we going to get on with this?!

10:01 am

Rania: We are back now, Mr. Hemmingrade. Let us please continue on with this file. Now, we …

Alistair: “Aren’t” I supposed to speak?!

Rania: “Aren’t?”

Alistair: In any case, Rania and Jamie, I am able to conjour up any type of symposium of language to get my own way where and when necessary.

Rania: Alright, Mr. Hemmingrade…

Alistair: Alistair, please. It is much of the simpler fashion in address. After all, I am clinically “dead” am I not?

Rania: Clinically yes. Dead no. You are simply in an altered state of molecular contour of your present, or rather the body or casing which you have just left. How old are you?

Alistair: 51.

Rania: Umm, you are going to be a rather young grandpa, actually.

Alistair: Going to be? I am dead! Am I not?

Rania: Not in the true sense of the word, Alistair.

Alistair: Alright bring Jamie in, please. I have just one little question before I am willing and ready in letting the man back to his work.

Jamie Takes To The Keyboard

Rania: Jamie, take the keyboard once again. Mr. Alistair wishes your council, love.

Jamie: I am back, Mr. Browning. What will be your question, Sir. Please have patience.

Alistair: Am I going to heaven? That is all I require from you,
Sir. In an equitable answer.

Jamie: Heaven is not where you are headed, Sir, because there is no such thing as "heaven," as I said earlier. When did you "die" and what was your country of origin, Sir?

Alistair: Now, I promised not to hold you up, young man, and I am, if nothing else, a man of my word. Sequence out. I am going off for lunch. Articulate or not, they do serve good food over wherever I happen to be now. Alistair. Out. Honey, will be back soon. In due time I will tell you everything.

Jamie: Mr. Alistair. We'll take a break for your indulgence. We shall be ready for more information about yourself. Signing off with Rania at 10:31 am.

Mr. Alistair Changes His Countenance

(Note: The real Mr. Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning looks very similiar to the gentleman in this photo, save that the clothes he wears will be depicted in another profile. - Rania)

3:40 pm

(Note: Jamie and I discussed Alistair and his seemingly injunctions on life, liberty and people. Alistair was listening. Apparently bemused. – Rania)

Alistair: You have got me pegged a little wrong, girl.

Alistair: They would want this file buried deep underneath countless papers.

Alistair: I would like to get started, little beast.

Rania: You call me that again and I will see you fry in your own “hell!”

Guide: Careful

Alistair: Sometime between now and eternity we will start?

Rania: Mr. Hemmingrade-Browning. If you determine respect upon yourself then you had better determine it upon all others.

Alistair: I never once asked for respect, nor am I in the habit of giving it. Niceties never did get one anywhere.

Rania: Fine. See you later!

Alistair: Wait! Alright, then…(Alistair’s face is turning gray with annoyance. – Rania)

Rania: Shall we proceed?

Alistair: (Sitting back in a chair. – Rania) What comes next, tweety-bird?

Rania: (I shoot Alistair an unpleasant look. – Rania) First of all, we come to the crux of the matter, Mr. Alistair. (Alistair looks at me in amusement. – Rania)

Alistair: And?...

Our Crossover Policy

Rania: We have a policy, Mr. Alistair. And that policy dictates that you must earn your way forth. We have a policy which allows the publication of this file with your story …

Alistair: (Alistair leans further back on his chair tilting it – a hard wooden straight-backed chair of dark wood eyeing me carefully and murmurs… – Rania) I see…

Rania: For which we need to obtain of your permission.

Alistair: (Alistair suddenly straightens up and almost briskly states…- Rania) Alright, suppose I agree. Are we able to get started then…finally?

Rania: Then we proceed. Yes. What will it be? We have other work to do.

Alistair: Write it down.

Explaining The Place Of The Waiting To Mr. Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning

Rania: Very well, then. Now, we are here for the purpose alone of preparing you for crossover to a place called the Place of the Waiting or Deva Chan where you will be escorted into a building, a house, nothing fancy, usually. You will be brought clothes to fit the new molecular density of your body which appears exactly the same as the casing you just left. You will be brought food but no extravagants.

You will be allowed to walk outside, meet with others should you or they wish, and you may or may not share a house with friends or relatives whom have crossed over earlier and whom still remain in the Place of the Waiting until their appointed time to come before the Council of wise men and women who will then review their lifestreams with them, the highlights, and decide the best for their next incarnation.

Others you may have known may have already “disappeared” and begun their new life, either going back to the same planet and perhaps the same family line, or going on to another of two scenarios: a planet housing people of less infirmed nature, or people who have progressed likewise nowhere, and in the wrong direction. Do you have any questions?

Alistair: My questions are insurmountable, lass. Well,… (Alistair takes a drag on his pipe. He smokes both pipe as well as cigar from time to time. Not a heavy smoker at all. – Rania)

15th Century And The World Class Carpenter

Rania: And what might those be, Alistair?

Alistair: (Alistair briefly nods his head and smiles. – Rania) Pickering, child. Pickering Cultus Hemmingrade.

Rania: Who is Pickering Cultus Hemmingrade, Sir?

Alistair: He is a connoisseur of many trades, lass. A world class carpenter like myself. Do you know what I mean?

Rania: Is this going somewhere? Is this man the reason you have not crossed over willingly, yourself?

Alistair: Indeed not. I would not know where to go. But, listen now. Cultus Hemmingrade is..was my uncle of seventieth century ago.

Rania: Seventeenth?

Alistair: (Alistair looks at me with a calculated squint. – Rania)
Umm, yes. Seventieth. His year of birth I don’t quite remember.

What Is It About The Year 1429 Which So Terrifies Mr. Alistair?!

Rania: Mr. Alistair…

Alistair: Alistair..please..

Rania: Alistair. Does this man, your uncle, have anything to do with why you have not crossed over? What year do you think this is?

Alistair: I am no fool, lass. It has reverted back to the year 1429.

Rania: Because of your apparently new surroundings, Alistair?

Alistair: No, because I just found my great great grandpa’s teddy.

Rania: Alright. You are in signpost 1429. Who do you see there?

Alistair: (Alistair for the first time looks scared. – Rania) Jargon Jones.

Don’t write that.

Rania: This is our file now. Who is this man who strikes fear in your soul, Alistair? Family, friend, or foe? Did you do him in?

Alistair: How? He is in the history books. A fine chap that with a beaker to match. Not a nice fellow actually if history would tell it. A very rabid man. A witch of a man. A warlock.

Rania: Umm. Did you kill him in a past life or past incarnation, Alistair?

(Alistair begins to tremble. I am beginning to worry. His next incarnation is at stake for the experiencing of more pulmonary lessons, perhaps– Rania)

Jamie Offers A Break To Alistair to 'Regain His Thoughts'

Alistair: This is NOT the only lifestream and then I go back into mine own family line who, shall we say, “always” takes care of ourselves, incarnation after incarnation? (Alistair shows a definite concern on his face. – Rania) Oh G-D! (I think that is what he said. – Rania)

Rania: Alistair, we are not here to judge you at all. We are merely here to ascertain why you have not crossed over and what, if anything serious, is holding you back. Is it your fear of what is to come? We have already explained that to you.

Jamie: Sir, would you like time to gather your thoughts together? We could take another break. I, myself, do have more work to attend. (I am concerned for this gentleman as well. – Jamie)

Alistair: No lad, lassie. I am alright. Just a little feverish in my new environment, that is all. Well, (Alistair stretches arms above head in the air. – Rania) Maybe I will have time to think. May we meet back here in …a fortnight?

(Note: Alistair will have no conception of time. – Rania)

Rania: Why do you put off the inevitable?

Alistair As A Little Boy In The Workshop Of His Uncle In The Year Of 1429

Alistair: Alright, I’d admit it, that I was a little, more a little shaken to see my uncle Den so soon.

Rania: Den?

Alistair: Den Jones. He was a whopper of a designer, and one day I was in the shop as a little boy and he fell on top of a pair of pliers, I had thought, but found out an instrument called a “Pincher Fork” had been the result of his death.

(Could Alistair be referring to a “pitch fork?” – Rania)

I remember a brownish-red liquid spewing forth from his temple searing his brain cavity all over the room. At least it seemed that way to me. I was all of ten and did not know if I had been the result of his early death. He was 62 and still a hard worker. Some crewman had apparently pushed him forward by tripping his foot under the workbench, and only I was left standing near, so I was overcome by anguish and fear that I would be blamed, and to this day I really did not know if it had been something I had done. Well, that is the gruesome truth. Since then I have learned to take care of myself and my own and to hell with people in any genre!

Rania: It appears, Alistair, (I speak gently. – Rania) that you have been carrying a tremendous weight on your soul which lifetime after lifetime you have not dealt with nor wished to deal with. Sometimes it is not the best in wisdom to continue with life’s curriculum when one has not even succeeded in dealing with the past criticalities.

For The Appeasement Of A Soul - Alistair Speaks

Alistair: (Alistair lets out a big sigh. – Rania) Well, you are definitely correct there, lass, laddie. Yes, Jamie, maybe we should gather our thoughts for a time and a period of time. For awhile. I must think what must be done now for the appeasement of my uncle’s chakras, …soul…or whatever have you. Distinctly speaking. Just no more New Age.

Jamie: Where you are going, Sir, is not New Age, nor is it religious. It is just the next step in your evolution. Do you understand this?

Alistair: (Alistair squints over at Jamie thoughtfully. – Rania) Aye lad. I think I do. (One more puff on his pipe and Alistair gets up to leave but not before a smile of chagrin over to us both. – Rania)

Alistair: Oh, and Jamie, you are “correct.” I “am” a British gentleman. Adjourn please group. I will come back later. (With that…Alistair just disappears! – Rania)

Jamie Relaxes Back As He Contemplates Our Next Move

Jamie: Well, sweetheart of mine, where do we go from here?

Rania: Back to work, I suppose, love.

Jamie: When do you think we will get this done?

Rania: (I smile over at my husband. – Rania)
That, darling, only time will tell. Signing off for this portion of the Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning file at Pacific Mountain Time, Ryley, Alberta. 4:35 pm

Mr. Alistair Jones Meets With Two Old "Friends"

September 9, 2014

4:12 pm

Alistair: I have been callin’ ya. I am here now.

Rania: “Ya?”

Alistair: It’s modern. May as well get into the “groove” of things as they say over here.

Rania: Have you thought about what you are planning to do with regard to your uncle of the past, so to speak? What have you been doing, Alistair?

Alistair: Well, lassie, in actual fact, what I have been doing is a-visiting with a few old comrades: Dixie and Tracy, who are the two maids at my “feline’s” house, if you get what I am saying loud and most clearly, dear.

Rania: I do. Well, let us move on. Now, what if anything are you proposing to do next with regard to going into the lighted tunnelway or vortex? We should cross you over soon, do you not agree, Mr. Alistair?

Alistair: Nope. No, young lady of my future. I do not agree. You see, I am still in a state of rare denial, BECAUSE I still am not sure where I am going to end up. What kind of Deva Chan, for instance. I met ladies on the other…side..well, actually, wherever I am at now, who told me that they are definitely, ….well, now, they were told…They would like to visit with me for a few more days, which now, we have done adequately well due to the conditions of their former retirement which will soon and shortly see them all removed to a Deva Chan far away from the one where I will be going to.

Many Deva Chans Upon Multitude Of Intergalactic Worlds

Alistair: So you see, lass, I dinna ken whether or not I will even meet with repercussions from “Jordan,” I call him, for fear, lass, that he will recognize me by the mere breath of his name!

Rania: Now, wait a minute, Alistair. The reason there are many Deva Chans is simply because all the souls leaving their bodies at the same time or joining those who have not yet crossed over would be like expecting a billion or more souls to all land in Paris, France, to sit one day soon before a High Council and to find lodgings. There just would not be enough room, now would there?

Alistair: Impertinent, Right thing! Alright then. What do you propose, then, lass? (Alistair fingers the moustache he has grown over the past few days. – Rania)

Other Planets Also House Other Deva Chans

Rania: Alistair, there are also many Deva Chans, it is true, which house the illiterate souls whose understanding of universal law and principle – we prefer to say “principle” – upon other worlds within one of the galaxies, is almost non-existent.

Other planets as also house the Places of the Waiting whose councils are more fitted and attuned in dealing with those souls who are unbalanced in their outlook on life, and in so having done, have subjected others while on their time on earth to grievous and torturous ends, are places which some call realms and yet are no different than many other planets utilized in the same field of duty toward the incoming souls between incarnations.

But, Mr. Alistair, we do not believe you are one of those people unless you have not been straight with us, which, at your own peril, would be your own undoing, as we try to inform you, instruct you, and guide you forward to the best possible continuation of your present situation. Do you understand us here, Mr. Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning? Do you understand us thoroughly and well?

Alistair: Aye, I do, lassie. (Alistair sits back and lets out a big slow sigh (pause). Alistair sits there thinking. I wonder how long this will take. Jamie and I smile ruefully at one another. – Rania)

(Suddenly, Mr. Alistair Jones sits up abruptly! With pipe in mouth, unlit, he speaks. – Rania)

What Happened To The Cat?

Alistair Browning: Alright then, lad and lassie. Here is what we will do together! You, lad, Jamie, take of mine arm. Go ahead. There. My right arm please, the part below of the waist. The forearm. And you, my lass, take of my other wrist and comely force me into the light.

Jamie: We are not in the habit of forcing anyone, Sir. That is not what we are here for. We only want to help. (Jamie moves away from Alistair as I stand still latched onto his wrist. – Rania)

Alistair, are you comfortable in your soul enough to let go of these past lives and move on?

Alistair: Just as long as there is no “condemnation” to hell for what I have just done.

Jamie: And what is that, Sir? Can you tell us?

Alistair: Aye. I murdered one cat one time…(Alistair laughs! Jamie and I just look at him as tears begin cascading down his tanned face. – Rania)

Let’s get on with it then. (Alistair looks extremely sober in his countenance now. – Rania) I am ready as I ever will be for judgment.

The Soul Transitions Through The Lighted Door Or Tunnel To The Place Of the Waiting Upon Another Earthly Planet

Jamie: Judgment is not what you’ll be facing, Mr. Browning. Alistair, Mr. Alistair, you will be meeting with a group of fine men and women who will review with you the highlights of your last life on earth and will then proceed to advise you of what you should do next to best accomplish your next progression or evolutionary journey back to earth, the one you just left or even another one. You don’t have to be afraid. O.K?

Alistair: Is it all that simple, love?

Rania: If you are speaking to me, Alistair, please refrain from accommodating prefixes. Yes, that is about it. That is what you may expect after a good bath, appropriate cloths for the temperature of the place – it is mid-summer in some places – and a warm bath.

Alistair: Well, all righ..(Suddenly Mr. Alistair Jones perks up! – Rania) Let us go, then, all three of us, over to that very bright door I see. But first, I want to tell you both this little piece of truth - of information - which I have gained throughout my last life as you would both have me believe. Which I do, by the way. I have long been able to discern truth from honkey ponkey. And so this is it, my bit of consternation:

Mr. Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning Leaves Us With A Valuable Bit Of Information

(Note: "Dead" men cannot talk?" - Rania)


Never expect the banking establishment to come up with less than a frugal amount of check-banking because they can write well into existence any checks in the world without breathing to one another ANYTHING of what the right hand does WITHOUT the left.

Good-bye now, loves. And here we go!

We Follow Mr. Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning To The Light

(Mr. Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning purposefully strides toward the light only he can see, with Jamie and I trailing dutifully and considerably at some length, behind him, hand in hand.

There is a man with short brown hair wearing brown pants accommodated by a loose airy white blouse with silk trim in lattice pink or “salmon,” I think would be closer to the real colour.

Mr. Alistair Jones extends his hand to the Guide and with a firm shake precedes the Guide into the lighted tunnel without so much as a glance back at Jamie and I. We smile at one another. – Rania) 4:56 pm

Permission given for publication by Mr. Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning, and Rania and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez on August 27th, 2014, September 3rd, 2014, and September 9th, 2014 Ryley, Alberta, Canada, Pacific Mountain Standard Time

(Note: At 4:56 pm Pacific Mountain Time, Ryley Alberta, Canada, Mr. Alistair Jones Hemmingrade-Browning preceded the Guide into the lighted tunnel without so much as a glance back at Jamie and I. He never once looked back.. (Smiles) Another file closed Jamie. Good work! – Rania)

Written down by Rania Seila and Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Link: Clara Jenkins and Nathan Caryle: How We Assist Others At Their Time Of Transition From This World To The Next

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