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It's more of a question why trust is hardly contained.


People read your lines but they won't get to the bottom of it. No matter
how they decipher it, emotions aren't concrete if you're a master of masking.

Everything in the past is about learning. We may think of better hiding it away,
shun the people who caused you pain, and just be oblivious. However, not everything in the past is easily forgotten and forgiven. Most of the time, we don't feel safe. We don't trust ourselves to take the risks of trusting anyone.

My perception about life has been very blurry for the past several years. It's like I don't feel any purpose of existence. True that some people might depend on you for a heck of a reason. Yet, usually, I am in total doubt if it's the so-called trust, that creates a connection with other people, or it's just merely because of the scary word "use", like you feel, people just hang out with you because they need something from you, and powerless as you are, you just allow them to. They make you feel like you're one of them because they're using you, for some sort of a mission they swore to do, throughout their lifetime.

I don't really know who to blame for my unreasonable excuses and alibis, for not really being fair towards other people. We do make judgements to be safe from harm, harm to the soul, quite especially. And so I asked, Is it myself or the person who took me to the point of "i-can-hardly-trust-anybody-anymore"?

Regrets and mistakes crumple me. Pains and struggles wound me. I keep myself stronger by not trusting anyone but me! It's a very hard state of life. It's a mind-boggling.

How far can I go depending on myself alone? How long will I survive? In God's time, I know answers will come. Enlightenment is not by far.


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whenever i feel something or anything i can't tell and express to whoever's concerned and responsible for it... i just scribble down whatever it is and i feel better....

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author avatar Denise O
11th Feb 2012 (#)

It is so hard to put yourself out there, especially after you have been hurt and/or used by someone. Sadly, I have dealt with this one too many times. Each and every time it hurts, I then doubt myself and try to figure out what I did to deserve this. It was my son that gave me the words I now use. He said "Mama, it is not you, you are a wonderful person and the best friend anyone could have, it is them, not you and you cannot change them, so let them go." This has helped me put those so called users in check. They are no longer in my life. My circle of friends have lessened and you know what, I am happier for it. Remember hon, you are important! Just because someone hurts you, it does not mean you have to forget, when we do this, we only set ourselves up to be hurt again. Forgive them in your heart, just for the mere fact, you do not owe them one minute of your time with guilt. I hope all works out hon and remember, you matter. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar junevebbie
12th Feb 2012 (#)

I appreciate the kind words ms. denise. I needed that. Somehow, I would like to let go of everything, but people like you always lift me up and enlighten me. Thank you so much! :)

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