All Cried Out

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This poem is from the point of someone who has been heartbroken and has cried so many tears that you just feel you cant cry any more.


All Cried Out

I am hurt and confused and I don’t know what to do
How do I survive this how do I make it through
No one has ever loved me then hurt me this way
As bad as he needs to go I still want him to stay

My heart is all cried out its time I let him go
I know I deserve better and its time I let that show
This man has taken me down and broken my inner beauty
For a very long time I forgot I was a cutie

This time he hurt me deeply and its out for all to see
He is about to have a baby and it doesn’t belong to me
I feel like such a fool and to think I was always there
Even when he didn’t deserve it I didn’t even care

I stood by my man when push came to shove
We worked through all our problems because it was him I love
This time I can’t do it I can love and let go
He went a little too far and its time I let him know

Lord helps me through this help me to be strong
I am a fool for this man and I am tired of holding on
I prayed for you to show me what this man was all about
You definitely open my eyes Lord I am all cried out!!!


Don’t Want To Say Goodbye

Why do we hurt when we say we don’t care
Why am I here when I wish I was there
My heart mourns for a connection that I can’t seem to get
As I hope to feel the happiness I felt when we first met
I know things change but I’ve always hoped it was for the better
I can’t do the torture for neither of us not now or ever
I don’t know what happened I guess we got lost along the way
I wonder if I should move on or just tough it out another day
No decision will be easy I am in a heartbreak situation
I wonder if it’s real or just my imagination
I guess time will tell me which way to go or what to do
I just want to be happy I am tired of feeling blue
Everyone deserves to be happy whether or not you are alone
Happiness comes from within we can all do that on our own
I’ve decided to eliminate my stress get rid of what doesn’t seem to fit
I can do bad all by myself I don’t have to put up with anyone’s bullshit
How you handle your situation is all up to you
But my God has better in store for me and I intend to see him through
So to my love if you can hear me I hope we can talk out another try
But the wrong response to this plea can easily turn into goodbye
I don’t want to leave but I refuse to stay
And continue things to play out the same hurtful way
I’m hurting but I love you and I can’t understand why
I guess when it all boils down I just don’t want to say goodbye


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