All Natural Cleansers vs.. Commercial Cleansers

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Nature or chemical, which would you prefre?

When it comes to keeping your house clean you always want the best and the latest product out there no matter what the cost of it. It seems that the prettier the package is and the more media exposure it gets the more you may want it to clean your home. Most chemical based cleansers claim to have wonderful scents and last forever but when you get them home and out of the box do they really do what they promise in the commercials? Grant it they do clean well and the scent is appealing but how long does it really last and how strong is the scent? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself when you are looking for great cleaning products.

Now for those of us who tend to think more naturally, whether it be because of children in the home or health reasons, there are great options. Most companies now a days are on the whole all natural cleanser band wagon and will now make the most popular brands organic and natural. For example now you can even get Clorox in the all natural version and have a great smelling and clean home without the harsh odor or the harsh effect on you. Now whether these products are truly all natural is a question as well because sad as it may be some companies do tell fibs. A great way you can tell if it is all natural is basically to read labels but another is to look for the seal that shows it has been certified as organic. This way you will know for a fact that the product will be safe to use on all your surfaces and that just in case your precious little one happens to come upon it they will not get sick from it.

The best thing by far about all natural cleansers is that they do just a great a job as the chemical ones and smell even better. The wonderful scents that you can get in all natural cleansers seem to last forever when I get them and use them at home because they are essential oil fragrances. The oil helps the scent to last much longer than just a regular oil and alcohol mixture that you find in chemical cleansers. Also when I say essential oil I can imagine some of you may be thinking that it might be a very strong scent but it is just enough oil to leave a nice soft clean smell in your home without the head ache to go with it like chemical cleansers. My favorite scent by far for any all natural cleanser is lavender because it will help to clean and deodorize any room in the house without being too strong. It works on all types of surfaces and takes out even the toughest odors like pet odors, trash cans, dirty shoes and things like that. So when it comes to cleansers be sure you know what you are getting and if you like clean and safe then all natural is definitely the way to go especially since it cost about the same as normal chemical based cleansers.


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