All Out Terrorism (And Still)

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It's funny, in earlier seasons, or my earlier years, I ministered about offense and false humility and the false sense of security it could bring. Well, in current years, the persecution had only increased with my fame. Stay in prayer and repentence. The hour is at hand.

All Out Terrorism (And Still)

That's weird...
Why are certain entities being
Imposed on my life so

It ain't that I want attention but I do deserve it...
I set some records straight because (through art)
Some misperceptions play a major part
Of darkness, hemming up my ambitions
So, now, the only choice I got is switching up my
When I ain't looking, evil nibbling at my legacy
With hateful words, even if it ain't too close
I still can feel where satan's at, I can't relax for something
My commitment to God, from every place, and thing
I do to try to better myself, the jealous hound me
Secret plots, through social screens, that feed to real life
Corruption running rampant, liars scamming
Who could help ignores, and act like it ain't happening
Imagining some fantansies that challenge me
But never absorbed, the devil's passionately
Tagging me, like beef that ain't yours
Keep re-attaching evil, that I had no catalyst for
I guess, for having Jesus, as my only Savior and Lord
So hell's attacking
Entire cities, slowed down, triangulate, to kill
Microphones implanted in flesh...
To have to live with...
Gunships flying overhead, but nothing near
Friendly, plus, witches with plenty riches, continue sending darkness
Cause I won't be with them or flirt
'Cause it ain't worth it to me, life above the law
They enjoy, for now, but their soul is cursed
Trying to take me out, but not knowing
The demons waiting for them...
Thorns, thistles, all kinds of scorn, below
With flames and smoke, I'm grateful God survived me for just one more time...
I know one day He probably won't
Then just one more died...
It's normalized, that's how it goes
Then there's some more
The Bible told me all of this before it'd come
Lord, why? And I'll be waiting for my condemnation
I can't even work in peace, without the
Serpentine trolls chiding my life, allowed to try to murder
Me (in the south)
Innocent in spite of all that's irking me
No worrying, because I know the Lord truly knows me...
And I ain't like nobody else, just seek the truth and go see
They only hate you when you're great
Cowards shoot out more schemes
There is no government, did I expose a crime
Just being honest with my people, and the devil's I don't speak to
Label this my shutdown, 'cause I'm shutting down
There's nothing else to do
Imagine being in this position with no help to come for you...
Imagine friends and enemies mixing
Just because you tell the truth
Of God, unsettling to
The wicked one, revisit what it'd never do...
It's too quiet
Plus, been planning my stream
For years, I talk about
The Light, and showing my fans what I mean
My fears would leave me like my tears
O, see, now you're too late...
What evil planned to happen happened
And it's now a new day
O, wait a minute, I can't film, just now my camera
Moved strange
And it won't let me use the vid while I just grab a few
Coincidental, as it is, now, I'm catching new waves...
Of spirit warfare in the air, the evil blackout truth's name
And aim, the most hateful time and place
I know, satan trying to play, strangers looking at me like an evil
Though I strive for 'Weh...
Everything's perverted, clearly, there ain't much
That's kind these days
The anti-Christ's spirit's in the earth and people
Crying it praise...
Hiding and disguising, evil legions, still design a frame
The baphemont's celebrities and demons bind a mind
The same
Hunting for, extorting the, Lord's servants
Supernatural, irrational, obsessed, with stopping me, out of all people
Really, hating, should have stopped the cheese
Nobody is a friend who could've saved you
But just watch you bleed
Evil in the lands, could be living life
But watching me
In secret, so to public, seem indifferent
Or like I'm just grieved...
Terrorism, within the states, right now, that's not appeased
God's not pleased, ain't no constitution
At least, well, not for me...
And I done nothing ushering in such folly, see
People want the devil, not God, and
That's a common thing...
But they're well-aware and not blind, but still
They plot on Jesus (what you do to the least of Mine...)
And must forgot to read it...
Yeah, the most recent attack
Just happened
Saturday morning, on the twenty eight (won't be in news)
Of the fourth month, who you'd have had done it...
Shattered all the strings and connections
False witness, mad for nothing, hand of God
To intervene, again, so I can't graph your logs, and charts
But Cross my heart, the Cross I heart
But toss the darkness out, my life is for the Lord
Everything else, I'm crossing out, forever
I don't fear the valley 'cause the Cost is treasured
Persecutors indirect to make it seem we talk together
YHWH, help me...
'Cause they've marked me for death
Because I show Your glory, I don't care
I know it's better where You are
I know the wicked You will
The lessons that they nail and scar...
The Lamb
Father, keep the falsehood away, just want my daily bread
Wide awoke on what's in this age
And set ups crazy, man
Demons look for something to make a name from
The Lord is strong, my Sword is known
The Bible, no spies and liars, are going to force my
Soul to hell...
All out terrorism, that I could prove, since you force it there
I ain't nothing to you, I only live for the Lord
Felt that one, yeah, truly, had an immortal
That's why a soul should pray and repent
You never know, what's next, though I saw that coming, ain't miss
Not all my readers fans...
So, to the evil, ain't meant, don't wish to entertain it
Nothing but some stumbling blocks
A heavy heavy word, the past cannot be changed
Anyway, and now cannot rewrite it
I feel the best thing to do, for me, keep seeking Zion
I won't vow allegiance to anything just because it pressures me to...
Still see through, I don't care, I ain't even lying
Even trying, or dying, I know despair
Some can see me fighting, but for righteous
Causes, in decency, order, see me writing, even crying
But out of joy, 'cause I see Jesus shining
Even heavy persecution, can't stop God's love
Compromised communication, can't block God's
Forever, even if I may deplete, I know the Bible won't
It's a lie to think it ain't that deep
Sometimes, I wish
I stayed asleep, awake from dreams
But this is real life, not make believe, some make it seem, so hatefully
Distortion, the campaigners, all of satan's seeds

Will be plowed up

Leave me alone


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