All Out Terrorism (Still)

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Another season of intense persecution and the only peace I have I find in the Lord. The devil doesn't have the victory but the Lord does! Even when things like this happen, I know what the ultimate result will be.. God will return and He will save His saints from the world. In this, I have hope.

All Out Terrorism (Still)

Trouble's all around me
Stumbling blocks, humbling, puzzling depths
Wondering, if the consummation's closer
Than the trouble seems...
Total stranger with some fame decides to steal my thought
Either that was flipped, or we ain't even know about
Each other
Now, the path is different, actually mentioning what's done in darkness
Be attaching filth, attacking gifts, an act of condemnation...
My Lord and Savior made me great
And I respect His work
And how ungrateful would I be to just neglect
His hand in worth?
He set, bestowed upon me, next
Originality, to praise Him
Serve until my final breath, His birds confirm
His Word is major, merging with the purpose He intended
Not for evil, good
Mercy is His temperament, discern, in mirth, disturbances, in nature
First, He's able, as I'd learn in terms of curses cracked, in worship
I return to whole, the fragments scavenged physically
But spiritually and mentally, I'm still in peace
Don't like the signs, one might can find a little mean
I feel, instilling thoughts and words in bubbles that my lips ain't speak
In order for some comfort in the earth
I have to yield my peace...
But honest, what's it really matter?
If there's reparation, then it'd just get worse and worse
If not for me, the rest awakening, prophecies...
Another more important, just where God can see, appealing ain't my focus
Hopes to sow and know that God is pleased...
Watching me, plots and things, blot apostrophes...
Almost baited into thinking satan saw the Light
Illuminated the precursors that my cross had weathered
Just in case, the false should rise and draw a line
While off of sides, exalting lies... Exhausting me
But all of Jesus brought me time
Some other type reality
Of drama, try to rattle me, to muffle, Light and shatter
But feed it if God's talkers dying
To have an age of anarchy to freely do what scoffers cried...
Because of pride and other factors, lies to smother candor, if it actually works
Then antagonized for other's slander...
Further answers...
Heard from pantomimes, liturgy dancing
Speaking with the angels and the Lamb of God
Through certain pamphlets
For the Lord is not incognizant of mass collusions
That's to skew His Light
To try to stop His hand and craft a new one...
Of man and humans
Rash delusion, that collapse acumen
Validating sin, and masquerading it with mammon
So I'm buffeted again, skullduggery in darkness, ain't no way to prove some methods
Though the pain accrued is truly a result of that
Even, if it ever changed, it's weaponed
Not so much of stuff explained
Just what had taken place accepted...
What's impossible, for me, the Lord can see, another obstacle, I'm well awake
Like an armory, I sail the waves, some knowledge grieves
Force of darkness, force departing on me for whatever reason
Stuff that I don't want to see is suddenly
More clever sequenced, extra peices to a puzzle, weaknesses, and truth discovered
That I did compartmentalize because of evil's ruse to plunder everything that's good
Just to exist felt like a protest for me
Things I never did, never hid, then things would escalate, although I lacked
The knowledge, how it'd gotten to the present shape
Blatant-ness increasing, ain't a fragrance
But a DNA, the reason, that it seems
I want peace but seeing needless hate, I'm speechless, so much organized
Against the sheep that seek the way
Expressing isn't something for comp.
It's when believers pray
When something that you need to say
Obstructed by a demon's reign
I mean, it's been a long time, God is on time though
Evil's on my soul, band together, to expand, bring control
Ban my letters, just informally, because I speak the truth
Much to lose if my misfortune reach importance
I don't think about misusing grace of God
I freed some stories, need of being release, like the things of Jesus
Bringing glory to Him
Spirit fruits, spirit riches, and immortal musings...
I mostly magnify the simple things, I feel the air
I feel a measure of the atmospheres, still wishing I could wear the details
Premonitions, synergy, that mean well, feeding ants
Eating plants, and needing hands that's just
The Light is necessary
Seeing plans to undermine a plus
Considered a conspiracy, joke, theory, it never was
I saw a bunch of other stuff promoted, that's the same thing
So why some only come for what I write?
It's on the same wave
Strange pages, sights that ain't right
Or nice, and ain't change, evil demons scheme on my life, then try to change places...
Ancient, and engraved, real is Light
Instilled the fight within
When down, surrounded, clouds lift me up
The villains died in sin, lying again, the methods be found
But just denied, pretended, like it isn't so
Some mystery, stuff to hide and, in fact, with that, mysterious
How it is and how it'd have to be
Decided, unresolved, before officially even happening...
I digress, I'm a person, must recognize as such
Etch a line in stuff that ain't fair
As it combines to crush
Dispersing, just to eyes that ain't there
It's fine, support your muse, ain't nothing wrong with that
I spy tare, the bad advanced into the stable
From the stringed side, sure but should I note it?
Plus I know this would've seemed wild, like someone in weakness smile
See me now, the psyche attacking tactics, and demon plows
Made to beat and battle the brains of just ones and bring them down
Increase the piles, I bring it, I've stated enough
Crates and spices, love impossible, be replacing stuff
And rejecting satan on the average, eager
Soulful, prodigal, soul awakened
Intact completely, that for being attached to the standard
Life as that of Jesus
When it's 'bout the Lord and not the world
Demons just misunderstand
For they could never know my work
And that is why it's shunned 'cause then, the different kind of spies
Infiltrate the range and styles
Duplicate my thoughts and likeness
To embrace, replace some kinds of sense...
And I admit, when stuff continues in the same fashion
After being illuminated
It could be the days after, threats still received through the
Methods that the snake mastered
Livelihoods be plotting too on, it's not the truth
I got the proof, and plus, I see a circus joke
For birth, awoke, some curses cold
These demons full hatred for no reason
To disturb my soul, if bitter, which I'm not
It's for a season where the serpent roamed
That threaten me with evil for no reason though the first ones know...
How was this allowed to prosper though it were exposed?
I stopped it dead within it's tracks, somehow, it surfaced on...
So, just considering the facts, and what's occuring strong
Whatever done, considering these traps
Ain't like the words being told...
Demons try to end you where you at
And people certainly know, fulfilling bad, concealing facts, that just what the
Word foretold...
I'm in this terrorism, life don't look the same to me
Cause even though I'm staying with peace
Like slavery, the hate proceed, and blatantly
For chasing dreams, that in no way, degrades a being
It's fine to just destroy a person who ain't even played a thing
The way they made it seem but my faith remain in He
Let's watch and see the rest of this...
And then you'll know what age that we are in
The days, repeated in the pages, that the Lord was speaking in

No matter what, I know my Lord is faithful...
Yeah, you take my money, shelter and attack my life
But my soul belongs to my Lord

What can mere mortals do? God is all-powerful...

I don't fear the jealous devil
And the Lord rebukes your evil



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12th Feb 2018 (#)

Isaiah 40:28-31
God Bless!

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