All You Need to Know about Bookaholics

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A bookaholic is a person who loves reading but the habit becomes an obsession.


A bookaholic is a person who loves reading but the habit becomes an obsession. Reading is necessary to keep you informed. However, there are certain habits that will show that you have taken the behavior beyond what is normal. The habit does not come marching in like a troop of soldiers. It creeps slowly and soon overwhelms you to a point when you cannot spend a moment without a book.

Addicted to Books

People who are addicted to books will drive away their friends so that they can have time alone with their books. They will give up the opportunity to be part of communal activities that others consider fun. This can make them alienated from the rest of the family and friends. A bookaholic will find it more pleasurable to be alone with a book than with other people.

How Far is Too Far?

There are things that are associated with certain people. For example, women will go the extra mile to ensure their hair and face is well taken care of. A bookaholic woman would spend the money set aside for the salon to buy new books that seem interesting. Many people who have this problem have stacks of books they have not read.

Anywhere is Good

Reading is done in libraries or in rooms at home designated for that purpose. However, a bookaholic will keep books in odd places such as the bathroom. Such a person can be reading several different books at the same time. They keep books in the office drawer, handbag and even on the night stand.


A bookaholic will be easily identified in social places. If you take a book to anyplace you go to, then you have become obsessed with books. Such a person would not be easy to pick a conversation with. He or she would prefer to read instead of picking up a conversation that may not be very interesting.

Old School

A bookkaholic will shun modern technologies that enhance reading of books. For such a person it is better to keep buying books instead of investing in more efficient technology such as the Kindle. Technology is designed to make life easier for everyone, but the book addict will want to remain with the old way of doing things.


Bookstores are full of different kinds of publications, with each one of them providing unique information. A bookaholic will make efforts to read as many books as possible; especially those other people are recommending about. This is done in the hope that the information gathered will be used to do other great things.

No Lending

It will be hard for a bookaholic to lend books out to other people. The interesting booksare precious to them and they are proud of what is on their shelves. To such a person, the volumes of books are an investment of great importance to them. Like any other addict, a bookaholic needs to be assisted to overcome the problem. It is wrong for a human being to live in alienation from other people. Humans are social beings who are made to interact with one another. Come learn more on Bookkaholic.


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author avatar Susan Jane
26th Mar 2013 (#)

A great article James - I have some of the symptoms you outline, but consider I am just a "booklover". For the last 10 years I have been caring for my aged mother. Without my books to read, my life would have been boring - especially in the evenings when I can't go out and there is nothing interesting to watch on TV. Sadly, Mum is now in aged care away from home. When I visit her, I take a book because she drifts in and out of sleep and I can escape into a story. I am far from being anti-social, but I never loan my books because they seldom come back. Thanks for sharing your views.

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