Allowance Minus Expenses = Savings

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The word controlling has diverse applications. From eating habits to freedom concerns, you can see that word being involved. This time, however, I was asked to do a writing on how I perceive and apply control in my daily life as a student.

Controlling: A Student's POV

Controlling in management has also its analogous aspect when applied in simple every day routine. In my entire existence, I have encountered many situations wherein controlling is a norm. These encounters range from small transactions to huge ones. Let me share how I incorporated controlling in my own daily means.

As a student and a frugal being, I can definitely say that I have succeeded in meeting my expectations when it comes to saving money and good study habits. In both of these conditions, my key element is controlling.

Firstly, when it comes to money matters, I diligently follow the secret equation: Allowance – Expenses = Savings. It was also the same formula that one of the Negosentials speakers shared to us. In laymen’s term, you have to control the amount of money you save by controlling the amount of money you spend. It also involves an urge control to restrict yourself from buying things which are not necessary but looks so attractive. In this case, it’s not really your fault to be enticed by these products because it is what the business firms aim. However, restriction and control needs to be put into practice for you to gain more and give more value to your money.

Citing a specific example, I only limit my fancies to 500 pesos a month. I always make sure that if I wanted to buy something for myself, I should only buy an item which is equal or less than 500 pesos within a single month. If I haven’t used up my 500 pesos for the first month, it will accumulate and I can buy my fancy for 1000 pesos on the next month. In addition, I also control the amount I spend for every meal and set up a price limit for every other category where money is involved.

Secondly, in terms of my study habits, I also develop a time schedule wherein I indicate the amount of time allotted for each subject and other activities. Like what a cliché stated, everything has its own place and time. I also believe that when schooling is involved, we should always work hard in order to play hard. That is why, controlling the time you devote to your friends, going to the movies, eating heartily at your favourite restaurant or taking naps is essential for you to be successful in your scholarly endeavours.

In summary, controlling is something we should all pay importance and attention. It is one of the many steps that lead us in achieving the goals we set from the start of the race. It may not seem obvious but reality proves that we use controlling in every situation we are confronted with, whether we know it or not. Controlling can be everywhere. Selecting what things I would disclose in this essay for instance, already involves controlling. Emotions can also be linked to controlling. Thus, whatever it is that we control, one thing is for sure. When we use it to the benefit of others and for the right things, it is really a sweet success in return.


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Discipline in life leads to success - siva

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