Aluu4: The wake of Barbarism

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This is a tribute to the 4nos. Undergraduates of the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, who met their untimely deaths in the hands of a group of individuals. It is a true life story.

Tribute to Aluu4

"Oleh, Oleh, Oleh" he screamed
It almost seemed funny.
Not until more voices joined
The chorus as they screamed
And shouted on us.
We could have ran, at least,
To save our lives, but little did we know
How the day would end.

From a handful of young men
Shouting and throwing questions at us
Without listening to our response,
It escalated to a crowd of angry mob.
There was no way we could escape this one,
So we calmed down out of exhaustion.

They pushed us around like slaves
And then stripped us all. Like a dream it seemed.
These men pulled our pants down
And we became Cave Men and more embarrassed.
The whole community watched.
I recognised few faces from the crowd.
Obviously they were so afraid to say "stop".

Then the beating started in ascendancy
I wished it to be just a nightmare
But it was real, these men were determined
They dropped heavy rocks on our heads
They pounded our faces with large planks
Blood covered our eyes, they matched
And kicked us right on our nostrils
We couldn't breathe the obstructions
We wished we were dead so that it will all end.

"Bring tire" "Bring tire" one of the men repeated
Until they brought the tires. "Oh God!"
We watched the crowd watch us
We raised hands to plead but
We couldn't speak, Some hid,
Some shot videos and took pictures.
There was no one to stop the barbarians
This was the point we knew it was over
We felt silent pains, helpless and hopeless.

I thought of my siblings,
I wondered how my mum would take this
She would fall apart.
I begged God to hold her for me,
Comfort and make her strong for me.
I prayed same for my friends.
Then we started crying like babies.
We cried together. The tears gave us headaches.
We looked up high above
The sky and hoped for rain but it was still.

Rings of tires landed on our necks
As they kept hitting us.
My Dad was not there to feel my pain.
My Mum was not there to hear my cry.
But we were numb already.
They set us ablaze like the volcano.
We rolled around like logs of wood
We tried to reach for each other
And wondered who would give up first.
The fire burnt our bodies
It hurts, it hurts and then, it really hurts.

Then I couldn't hear any other .
Then came the pain of silence as we cross over.
We waive at our lifeless bodies.
We felt betrayed and wrongly judged by the barbarians.
By those who stood by and enjoyed the injustice.
Betrayed by every observer who thinks.
For whatever reason, we deserved the barbaric judgment.
There was no mercy nor compassion.

Then together, we thanked God.
For the death of the silent pains.


They were wrongly adjudged to be thieves by a friend, who is supposed to be a member of the Aluu Community where the School is situated. As at date, the Police, who were no where to be found during the killings, claim that they are still investigating the case. Mixed stories have emerged after the killings. Some claim that the boys stole Laptop Computer and phones. While others affirm that the 4nos Students simply confiscated the said items in place of the loan being owed one of them by the alleged owner of the items. In less than a week after the killings, the mother to one of the 4nos. Students - who was killed - died of shock. Her son was the only child she was blessed with. We pray that the Almighty God gives the families of the dead, the fortitude to bear the loss.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
12th Oct 2012 (#)

Nicely expressed in a poetic fashion.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Oct 2012 (#)

What utter cruelty! Is it summary justice? Even if guilty, they deserved much better treatment. The standards are just different, sad to say. siva

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author avatar UthmanOdus
12th Oct 2012 (#)

@ Karim, thanks for your consistent encouragements. I am not ungrateful.

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author avatar UthmanOdus
12th Oct 2012 (#)

@Sivaramakrishnan. Well said, I am also glad that you feel the mood and tone of the writer.
It is indeed, a total show of injustice.

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