Always Bring A Knife To A Gunfight

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Fallujah November 9, 1994
3rd & 5th Marines

Always Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight

Shoulder to shoulder Army and Marines
21st century soldier lethal killing machines
Were to take this strong hold and set nations free
Starting with ridding this city from insurgent filled streets
Gave civilians early warning tomorrow we'll invade
Closing in to the center until our enemies are laid waste
If you remained in the city then you're presumed to be a threat
Honestly I've never felt so alive to see so much death
Remove emotions, suppress fears, then move on to the bridge
No mechanism support for this battle just our strong wills to live
From house to house we kicked down every single door
Fueled by adrenaline and hate from the first twenty-six days at war
Prepared to engage in any hand to hand combat
Enclosed battle zones allow for these kind of attacks
Its a different feeling to pull a trigger and watch the bodies fall
Then to fight human eye to human eye bare knuckled in a brawl
Pulling blade from sheath then stabbing the threat six times in his side
Compassion is a but ghost when its his life or mine
Three more times into the ribs until there was nothing left in his eyes
The day I befriended fear and I brought my knife to a gun fight

Fallujah 11/9/04
3rd & 5th


Fjamesj9701, Jesse James Forster

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