Am I a Criminal?

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People suffering from AIDS are not accepted as just another persons suffering from a lethal disease. They are looked down upon. A Cancer patient might get all the sympathies and prayers, then why not AIDS patients. They need us! They need our love & care not our anguish or ignorance. Accept them and be by their side, do not disrespect them.


Am I a criminal?
Why am I the one accused?
What wrong have I done?
Why am I questioned?

I was jus trying to find,
A lil happiness for myself,
A lil respect for myself,
I never harmed anyone,
Then why am I called the culprit?

Suffering from this deadly disease,
Wasn’t my choice;
Neither was I born with it
Then why am I treated as an untouchable?

There aint less physical pain I am going through,
Then why are you inflicting this mental anguish on me?

Why am I boycotted?
Why am I left all alone?
I am dying anyway,
Why then am I not allowed,
To live some moments as I wish!

AIDS is not crime,
It is not something,
One prays to have,
Don’t please treat me like a traitor,
A stain on society,
I am one of you,
You could be in my place too,

But you are not and I am;
Just a lil ill-fated!


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author avatar Jhon Marshall
25th Nov 2013 (#)

feel very sorry for those innocent victims

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