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Acclaims OAP's Commonsense Approach to Longevity for Congressional Members and their Constituents.

Is There a Dr. in the House?

Decades before United States' First Lady Michele Obama began alerting Americans to the epidemic growth of childhood obesity; he raised concerns about 'eating wisely' and passed out wallet sized pointers on preventive health measures in Congress. Before popular Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop began putting warning labels on cigarettes, etc., about the dangers of tobacco usage; he voiced new and lasting medical protocols for United States legislators. He was an advocate for lifestyle reforms among the honorable members of America’s most hallowed hall. Most importantly, he attended to their physical and emotional needs for over 30 years. I view him as physician that should be highly acclaimed for the services he rendered. I also look upon him as a fore-runner of today’s modern healthcare professionals that believe the mainstay of well-being is living a responsible, preventive and pro-active lifestyle. Yet, he has remained relatively obscure.

Although a few laurels have been given for his efforts to raise the awareness of many generations of federal legislators regarding how to maintain a healthier lifestyle in a very stressful occupation, he deserves more acclaim. Moreover, during the early 20th Century, he also sounded an alert for the need to develop life-affirming habits among several thousand civilian Americans. He may not be easily found in popular search engines, but ask any elder statesman and he/she will know of whom you speak. This champion for healthier lifestyles and longevity among federal congressional members was George W. Calver.

Reporting to Duty as Ordered!

From 1928/30 -1966,George W. Calver, Md. held the position of Office of Attending Physician for the United States Congress. Due to an unprecedented increase in the death rate among house members, an office that would address these concerns was hastily established in 1928. Calver was the 1st attending physician appointee to that office (OAP). The original initial intent was for Dr. Calver to only provide medical services to house member especially since this office was created via HRes.253. However, in 1930, true to congressional rivalry and Capitol Hill up-man ship, the position was expanded. The Dept. of the U.S. Navy ‘ordered’ then Lt Comdr, George W. Calver of the Navy Medical Corps to also began attending to the health needs of the senate members.


Military Times/Hall of Valor

“Give 5% of your time to keeping well. You won’t have to give
100% getting over being sick.”
– George W. Calver

George Wehnes Calver
Vice Admiral – United States Navy, MC

B: 11/04/1887

D: 02/27/1972

Interment: Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington, VA. USA

Spouse: Jessie Willts Calver (1887-1979)

Children: Georgiane Calver Swanson (1919-2011)

Calver was an extremely innovative, effective, and progressive O.A.P. During his last address to congressional members in 1966, he recommends the hiring and staffing of female ‘trained nurses’ for the O.A.P. Of course, as a medical doctor he also espoused such draconian ideas as an ‘annual physical examination’ for Congressional members. Calver was indeed a pioneer. He recognized, related and addressed the occupational hazards associated with the stresses of a legislative career. To his credit, he also drafted and boldly posted his didactic medical pamphlet, 10 Commandments of Health throughout Capitol Buildings frequented by Congressional members. For the U. S. Congress and their constituents his simply comprised holistic approach to a longevity-lifestyle remains relevant to this day.

Heathier & Nutrional Options

Healthy Food Choices

His Legacy:

10 Commandments of Health

Eat Wisely
Drink Plentifully (of water)
Eliminate Thoroughly
Bathe Cleanly
Exercise Rationally
Accept Inevitable (don’t worry)
Play Enthusiastically
Relax Completely
Sleep Sufficiently
Check Up Occasionally

Photo: Courtesy of National Library of Medicine
Research: Staff - National Archives and Records Administration,7358 So. Pulaski Rd.
Chicago, IL. U.S.A.


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