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The American History that covers acts that have changed our countries path. We need to get America back on the right path. We need to abolish the Federal Reserve Act. It is the biggest issue in our country and the only issue that the media or politicians will not discuss. As citizens you should try to discover what it is they don't want you to know.

American History.

I want to tell you a story, oh, so true!
Will do my best not to frighten you.
My fellow citizens, you work so hard in all you do.
Still somehow you can not break through.
Let me assure you, it's not you!!
Our futures were stolen long before we were concieved.
By thieves who do not want us to be free!
We are but pawns in their games of power and greed!
As part of their scheme they implemented in 1913.
They care not who makes our laws.
They control our money to enslave us all.
Let me see where to begin?
Our representatives and political figures they do bribe.
While they control our country and do hide.
The masses they have decieved.
With non-issues they make us to believe.
Wake up from your slumber, wipe the sleep from your eyes.
Check your history just a word to the wise.
The task at hand is large and dangerous you see.
This we must do if we choose to be free.
Andrew Jackson did keep them at bay.
Until Woodrow cried, " My country I have unknowly betrayed."
Kennedy did take them to task with executive order 11110 in June of 63.
Check it out, if you do not believe.
In November of 63, they murdered him in the streets of Dallas, all the while framing Oswald with Malice.
Johnson called them Murder Incorporated, Nixon did follow and got Watergated.
A Coup d etat took place in 1963, this we should all believe.
He who holds the gold the rules he does make.
Decides what history the school books do state.
Before 1776 King George outlawed the colonial script.
For this act our forefathers rebelled, in the Boston Harbor the tea took a dip.
In 2008 our economy took a hard hit, yet here we are without our own script.
Thomas Jefferson did state that if ever a private corporation got a hold of our monetary system, that the children of the founding fathers would be homeless in the lands their fathers had founded.
Today we have this conditon only compounded.
In 2008 we should have gave them their due, instead congress gave them a bail out.
I do believe if the citizens of this country just knew how the monetary system of this country was ran, there would be a sound break from the citizens shout.
Truly it amazes me that the citizens are unable to see. Their crimes are numerous and their victims many.
They have left our country without a penny.


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