Americans Trump Up on Fears, Guns and Bigotries

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A Personal Reflection of Upon Maltusinism in the GOP

Trumping Up a Sense of Vunerablity

65 years ago real and propagandized fears dominated the lives of most American children. During this juncture, a vast majority of school-aged youngsters upon cue via the shrilled blaring sound of air-raid sirens fell to a crouching position in an attempt at self-protection. Our collective fear was of an unexpected nuclear attack. To my traditionalist generation those 'duck and cover' exercises became the new norm to assuage those fears. Moreover, according to Chairman Nikita Khrushchev the Communist were going to bury us. Anxiety followed anxiety. The United State's electorate overwhelmingly supported an American embargo against Cuba. This brave, bold and politically popular economic strategy eased many concerns related to the imminent dangers that lurked only 90 miles away from our East coast borders..

Not since the day of infamy, the bombing of Pearl Harbor has America been attacked by air. The 9/11 attack made real a new sense of vulnerability to these American shores and to our democratic way of life. For a vast majority of American citizens re-visiting this unwarranted act of aggression shall continue to fuel a collective fear of endangerment. Unfortunately, numerous anxious Americans also secretly welcomed the new norm of Islamophobia and Xenophobia espoused by wealthy political candidate Donald Trump. The promotion of such anti-American values enforces the pejorative ugly American persona while doing nothing to alleviate the threats of Al-Qaeda, ISIS terrorist and/or homegrown self-radicalized cells.

America's southern border is under siege! C.E.O. Trump and his followers uncovered and cite a constant pattern of illegal immigration by undesirables. An invasion by social degenerates such as drug cartel members was recently put forth by numerous self-identified Republican conservatives. Concurrently, the time-honored support for political and/or humanitarian asylum request became not only unpopular, but also 'politically incorrect'. Thus, the electorate's overwhelming support of domination by corporate America's elite is now the new norm. Running the government like a business opens wide the doors for increased acceptance of dark money, privatizing of civil service jobs and monumental austerity polices that decrease the quality of life for thousands of retired, infirmed and financially marginalized citizens.

The American Way

Contrary to the failed hopes of a dwindling coalition of superannuated ideals - "Rockefeller Republicans" the GOP is un-well. The winding-sheets are washed and the bugler has been summoned for the failing G.O.P. The gurgling death rattles are hardly audible due to the loud rantings and ravings of the 'Strong Republicans'. Although know by many monikers: 'Silent Majority', 'Contract with America', 'Tea Party' or 'Conservatives' they all wholeheartedly support the right: 'to bear arms'.

50 years ago, prior to the open display of 'an expression of Constitutional Rights' by the founding members of the founding west coast branch of the Black Panther Party being armed was not illegal for most Americans. Coupled with and the negative impressions associated with the 'Saturday Night Specials', being armed took on a new meaning. Historically it did not carry the same assumptions as it does now. Toting a gun during that era was a very common occurrence. Although the majority of these pistol-packers were male, it was not unusual for women to also be armed. Additionally, in numerous rural and urban regions, most gun-toting American women were not the scourge of their communities. Back in the day, it was a given that if you carried big sums of cash on your person, you also carried a weapon on your person.

Hence, many un-escorted successful urban women in high risk occupations, i.e. barmaids, beauticians, barbers, grocery store and/or currency exchange clerks and high-classed call girls, etc. often toted concealed weapons as a means of self-defense. Energized by the uncertainties garnered by issues of personal safety the latest norm is an upsurge in pistol packing by gentle women. An engaging elite coalition of ALEC sponsored legislatures and 'deep-pocketed capitalist' shout with glee over the unprecedented sale of 'tiny guns' to frighten, god-fearing housewives in suburbia.

Yea Old Swictheroo

The fractionalized GOP leadership is not interested in establishing clear and concise guidance related to supporting its political ideology of classical liberalism. You and your baggage will not be turned away. If you can energize the GOP base, and have the pazazz to garner a following, you're ok to run. An anti-liberalism stance is not necessarily problematic. The only problem is a non-voting following. Just get to your delegates to the party's national convention.

The GOP and the old switcheroo political ploy have a storied history. (1) When the late Senator Strom Thurmond(R-SC), an acknowledged racist and champion of segregation, switched his political affiliations from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party he opened the GOP to a nodding acceptance of Dixieland Conservative view. Due to Thurmond's political clout, he was not required to disavow his life-long allegiance to his debunk Dixiecrat Party. (2) When presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon(1968) was challenged about Senator Thurmond being a R.I.N.O.(Republican in Name Only), Nixon was silent on the issue. Nixon also appealed the popular fears of that era. Moreover, he ran on a 'law and order' platform which quelled the fears of disorderly anti-war protesters in the Midwestern Region. (3) Most importantly was Richard Nixon's utilization of the GOP's infamous political strategy. The Nixon/Agnew ticket was victorious and diversity and inclusion became code words for a failed GOP political campaign.

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